How to disable Windows Defender notifications in Windows 10

In our computer with Windows 10 we have a good tool , which protects our computer hazards information called Windows Defender, which you can download even offline . She sends notifications to keep us on the day, however, sometimes could become somewhat annoyed with bombing messages. How could we disable Windows Defender notifications in Windows 10? We will discuss soon.

Windows Defender: Antivirus Embedded Windows 10

Windows Defender is an antivirus that comes installed by default in Windows 10 , it can protect us against malware, viruses and malicious programs . It is mandatory to have it, since new malware circulates daily that can make our lives square.

We do not want to be inexperienced so as not to take preventive measures while downloading or installing some software.

With a good configuration, Windows Defender is a highly functional antivirus and although it does not protect one hundred percent, along with another antivirus it helps to keep us clean, some are free and very efficient . It is recommended to update it weekly so that its database is optimized and can detect the recent threats that attack our PC. To do this, enter Windows Defender and you will see the update tab.

Pressing it will show if a new version is available. Those of us who use this antivirus program cannot ignore activating real-time protection and cloud-based protection on this system. This will allow the computer to perform an analysis of the connections we establish and the programs and files that we download.

All this will be done in real time. Your notification kit is also very helpful, but we can choose which messages we want to receive.

How do we disable Windows Defender notifications in Windows 10?

The reality is that the program can become very heavy by saturating us with notifications. When you notify us of a virus it is perfect, but we would not want you to send us irrelevant messages. To avoid these annoyances, we open the program by pressing the shield icon located in the Windows notifications section . We will observe in the window that opens the protection status that we currently have.

Now we click on the configuration icon that is in the lower left part of the window. We will have a screen where we are shown the section “Notifications protection against viruses and threats” along with different switches to choose what to disable.

They can be first those related to antivirus protection, second those related to account protection, and third, the Windows firewall.

Those of the first range offer to disable notifications of recent activities and test results, when it detects threats but eliminates them immediately and when files or activities are blocked.

When we scroll down we will also see two buttons to deactivate infrequent notifications. It will be our decision to choose to disable part of these messages, or to stop receiving them entirely.

Perhaps you would think that it was impossible to stop perceiving these constant messages from the antivirus. Well, you already learned how to get rid of them. Even if at any time you want to completely disable Windows Defender, you can do it easily . This insurance content has helped you learn the fastest way to disable Windows Defender notifications in Windows 10.

Follow these simple steps and you are sure to succeed. Before leaving, do not forget to leave us your comment, in this way we can evaluate that we are also doing it; it will be very valuable to us and we will read it with pleasure.


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