How To Disable calendar app notifications in Windows 10

Windows 10 warns you with a toast notification in the bottom left corner every time you have a calendar reminder or event.This notification also appears in the Action & Action Center until you click on it to see it, or until you choose to Clear All. If you don’t like the continuous stream of notifications, Windows 10 has a way to turn off and turn off calendar app notifications .

Disable calendar app notifications in Windows 10

Notifications are an important part of the operating system. Whenever an important action is taken, Windows by default provides feedback to the user through notifications. This could be a calendar event, new mail arriving, a USB device connected or disconnected, a low battery warning, and more. If you want to turn off notifications for the Calendar app, follow these steps.

To turn off Calendar app notifications, go to Settings> System> Notifications & Actions.

Here, under Show notifications from these apps , you need to toggle the button from On to em> Off. “.

You can also do the same for Mail and other apps. You can also turn off email notifications about the Mail app through the app settings.

This will disable banner and sound notifications for the Windows 10 Calendar app.

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