How to manage my eBook library on Mac with Caliber

You may be wondering, How can I better manage my eBooks? Will there be any additional applications? The definitive answer is yes, Caliber will help you to manage my eBook library on Mac  quickly and easily in a short time. How and on what devices can you do it?

Many times we hold back from reading a good book simply because we can’t afford it. But an advantage that has benefited many is that now they are available for free online through eBook. In this post we will explain all the details you will need to know to start developing your library; let’s see.

How do I manage my eBooks library on Mac?

There is a program called Caliber, it will help you a lot if you have a library of eBooks on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC. Best of all, when importing electronic books, they will automatically be organized by date, alphabetical order , size, punctuation and other details, allowing you to have a very complete record of each book.

Caliber will not only allow you to have a single book format, but also to convert from one eBook format to another , including other interesting functions such as easily joining or dividing the eBook . It may be the case that you get a book with PDF and your eBook is not prepared for that format or is not compatible, Caliber will allow you to do it. How?

  1. First select the book you want to change, and then click on the convert book icon. Caliber will ask you if you want to convert one by one or in bulk, obviously as we will change one, just choose the option one by one.
  2. Then it will give you the options window to convert or modify your book. In the upper right you will have many options to choose this format, choose the one of your preference. Click accept and that’s it.

Something very important is that changing the format does not always apply, since there are books that are not modifiable. Once this is done you will only have to connect your electronic device to your computer, and then from Caliber you will have to send your already modified book. Below we will help you with the step by step of how to do it:

  • Once your device is connected to your PC, enter Caliber, it will automatically recognize your device. Choose the book you want to transfer, and proceed to click on your device then click on the “send to special format” tab and your memory will appear, click there and your book will be automatically transferred. Very easy.

Can I read any book and manage my eBook library on Mac with Caliber?

The answer is simply yes. How? Well, you must left click, then click to view book . And a special application that Caliber itself has will open , which is used to read all the books you want from your computer.

Can I search for books online with Caliber?

You just have to click on the option at the top of the application called “get books”; It will open and you will be able to automatically search a lot of online bookstores, where you will have the option to download for free or pay for any book you are looking for. If you click on any of these Caliber books, it will direct you directly to the bookstore, in order to make the payment.

How do I get the Caliber program on my PC?

From its main page, you will have the option to download for any computer. It really is very easy to use or manage your books from Caliber, it is worth trying this application, which also brings other advantages, such as being able to extract and open files with EPUB extensions on your own computer . You will not regret it and you will have your favorite books in an orderly way.

We hope that all the information provided will be very useful to you; Leave us in the comments about how you were using Caliber and do not forget to share , so that others can benefit from it. Success in the experience.


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