How to see if a Windows registry file is safe

Maintaining security is very important to have a good operation when using devices and connecting to the network. There are many threats that exist today and that can affect us in one way or another. Many types of viruses, Trojans and, ultimately, malware that can infect us through very different methods. Sometimes they can even affect operating system components and run every time we start it. In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to explain how a Windows registry could be dangerous, what to do in case we know that it is, and how we can find out whether or not it is malicious.

Security threats affect us in many ways

As we say, hackers can use different methods and strategies to achieve their goal. They could steal passwords, personal information, compromise the proper functioning of computers and even access other devices connected to a network.

That is why we must take action permanently. We must avoid the entry of malicious software , of intruders that in one way or another could compromise our computers. This includes also having security tools that can help us keep cybercriminals out.

Now, to what extent an external threat could affect the Windows system? The truth is that we could run into malicious registries , programs that start with the operating system and that could be collecting data without us noticing.

On the one hand, it is important to know which tools could be started with Windows and could be a threat. But it is also convenient to analyze which system logs could be a problem, could have been inserted by cybercriminals.

Check programs that run when Windows starts

In a simple way we can see what applications are running on Windows when starting the operating system . We can also see if by disabling them we can have problems or everything would work normally.

We can see this through the Windows Task Manager. We can go to Start, write Task Manager and open it. Also simply pressing the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task Manager.

Once inside, it will show us a series of tabs and the one that interests us is the Start tab. There it will show us the programs that run when Windows starts . We can give it to disable. We can also go to Processes and see everything that is running at that moment.

Do we see something strange in either of the two options? We can click with the second mouse button and click on Properties to find more information about it. But also, something very useful would be to do a search on Google. In this way we will know if that specific process may be a virus or any variety of malware.

View startup programs in the registry

In order for a program, like the ones we have seen, to start in Windows it is necessary that they have a registry in the system. They have to have a ticket. In this way, simply by deleting that entry we can make a specific program not run when Windows starts.

We can analyze this that we mentioned if we enter the Windows Registry . We can press the Win + R key combination and run Regedit. Also go to Start, type Registry, and open Registry Editor.

Then you have to go to the path EquipoHKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun. There we will see exactly the programs that appeared when we saw the applications that are executed from the start of the operating system.

If something does not interest us, if we see that a record could be a threat, we simply have to click the right mouse button and click Delete. In this way we will be limiting that it can be started together with Windows. If we know that it is something suspicious, something that could be unsafe, it could be interesting to eliminate it.

Find information to see if a record is reliable

There is nothing better than searching for information on the Internet to check whether a possible Windows program, file or registry is really insecure or not. In this way we can avoid problems that may make the task easier for hackers. The objective is none other than to keep our equipment properly protected.

It is common that we find ourselves at certain times with the doubt of knowing whether a specific program, a certain file or even an operating system registry may or may not be a threat. Therefore, it may be interesting to do a search on Google or any search engine and find the solution.

But we can also perform a system analysis with the mission of discovering possible threats. In this way we can not only see if we have any type of malicious file or block a dangerous download, but also detect possible records that could damage our computer.

Tips to keep your system safe

We are going to give a series of essential tips to ensure that our system works correctly, that it is safe and that it does not have any type of problem. We can have certain recommendations so that everything works correctly.

Have safety programs

Something basic, something that can not be missing at any time, is to have a good antivirus and other tools that protect our security. For example, we are also talking about a firewall or even extensions for the browser that prevent the entry of malicious software.

Keep systems up to date

Another issue to take into account is the importance of keeping the equipment updated . On many occasions, security flaws can appear that are exploited by hackers. We must always have the systems with the latest versions available.

Download only from trusted sources

In addition, we should not download software or install programs from sources that are not official and safe. Otherwise we would not know if we are adding something that could have been modified by an intruder.

Common sense

But without a doubt something that can not be missing is common sense . We must make any kind of mistake that could affect us negatively. For example, download a file that is dangerous, open a fraudulent link that reaches us by e-mail, etc.

In short, a Windows registry file could become dangerous if we have been the victims of an attack. We have seen how to see which ones correspond to the start of Windows, how to eliminate them and we have also given some tips to be better protected.


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