Keys to install Windows 11. What keys can I use?

Although at the moment we cannot get an ISO to install Windows 11, not at least in the simple way that we are used to or without resorting to downloading it from disreputable websites, this is something that will not take too long to be available so that users can perform clean installations from scratch to test the Redmond-based company’s new operating system. However, many users wonder about the Windows keys that will be necessary to update or install from scratch .

When trying Windows 11 on our computer we have several options. The first is to become a Windows Insider , that is, a “tester” of preliminary versions of the operating system, to access the first betas. The second is to get an ISO image (it will be officially available soon) and proceed with the installation from scratch on a compatible PC.

Upgrade from Windows 10

The easiest thing is to install Windows 11 from Windows 10 as a member of the Windows Insider program . To do this, it will be necessary to choose the Development Channel when choosing the configuration of this program. Once we have completed this step, simply check for updates and the notice that Windows 11 Insider Preview is available will appear.

From here, it is important to note that we must have a computer that meets the requirements such as having TPM activated . If we use this option, it will not be necessary to enter any password since it will use the one we have in Windows 10. The new system will be activated in the same way as the previous one.

Install from scratch with Windows 10 or Windows 7 key!

Many users, especially the more advanced ones, prefer to perform clean installations from scratch. To do this, they get the ISO image of Windows 11 and load it on a pendrive that starts automatically with programs like Rufus. By following the simple steps of this process, you can have the system installed.

In one of the steps, it will ask us to enter a key to activate Windows . We can also click on I do not have a product key that will allow us to finish the process and later activate the system. If not, we will not have access to some functions.

Luckily, we have access to the generic Windows 10 keys and can even use an old Windows 7 key. Several people have verified that these methods still work. According to the official forum of the Microsoft community , these are the generic keys of Windows 10:

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