How to change network from public to private in Windows 10 from CMD?

When we connect our computer to a network, the system asks if it is public or private. In this sense, a configuration allows us to guarantee the security of our device. If you want to know how to change from public to private network in Windows 10 from CMD? , then this article will be of great use to you.

How to switch from Public to Private Network in Windows 10 from CMD?

Windows allows you to configure any network based on two points: the public network and the private network. If it is a public network, then other unknown users can connect to it; On the other hand, if the network is “private”, the other devices that connect to the network are known and thus, it is possible to share resources and files. Likewise, it is convenient to know what the private and public IP address is in order to guarantee the security of your connection.

Next, we present relevant information about public and private settings in Windows 10 and a procedure to change the network from CMD.

What is a public network?

A public network is a point of public access to the internet. These types of networks provide the service of connection to the network of networks in exchange for a payment made to a provider. In public networks, it is possible to access different servers which are located in various parts of the world.

When a user connects to a public network, the system interprets that his computer has been directly connected to a network where there are other users. However, it is possible to access the files of others and see other computers that have been connected to the Internet, making it less secure.

Can I hide my equipment on the network?

Yes, it is possible to hide your device when it is connected to the network. Windows can carry out this process through its configuration menu or through tools such as TuneUp Utilities. However, total security for your computer is not guaranteed .

What is a private network?

A private network is a point of connection to the Internet that is configured as “private”, that is, the operating system physically isolates a device from the Internet network. In this way, users can configure file sharing according to their own needs.

What are the differences between a public network and a private network?

A public network is accessible by any user as long as they make a payment or subscription with an internet provider. On the other hand, a private network is only accessed if the device is within the range of the network and for this, a credential is required.

A public network can be large (regional, national, global), while a private network is invisible to the outside. If protection levels are not activated , computers on a public network are vulnerable. For this reason, it is necessary to protect yourself to surf safely on public Wi-Fi networks . On the other hand, in a private network, VPNs can be created to preserve the security of the device during the browsing process.

Procedure to change from public network to private network in Windows 10 from CMD

Initially, you should open the CMD command prompt . To achieve this, go to the option “Search in Windows” or the “magnifying glass icon”. There, type cmd and hit the “Enter” key. The command window file will open. Right click on it and select “Administrator Permissions.”

Get the network connection from the Windows console

In order to get the network that allows you to connect to the Internet easily, type the following command Get – NetConnectionProfile.

Set the “Private” network in Windows from CMD

Subsequently, you must write the command Set – NetConnectionProfile –Name “Network” –NetworkCategory Private . In this command it is necessary that “Network” is replaced by the name of your network. Now, your network is “private”.

Set the “Public” network from the Windows console

If you want to re-establish the public network properly, you just have to type the command Set – NetConnectionProfile -Name “Network” –NetworkCategory Public .


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