How to delete messages from your video conference in Zoom?

Good communication is essential for the progress of any business, especially if you work with remote personnel, since the participation of the personnel involved is generally required in meetings so that ideas flow and favorable agreements can be reached for everyone and even more so for the company. Due to this need, in 2011 Zoom Video Communications was born, a platform developed with the possibility of connecting people through video calls and virtual meetings very similar to Microsoft Teams in terms of its purposes, which is currently available in a desktop version. and mobile version.

This application allows people to communicate in meetings wherever they are , it has been very useful in solving the problem of companies that have remote staff. Part of its functions are messaging, which we can eliminate at any time for personal or professional reasons, but sometimes it seems complex to do, so here we will indicate the necessary steps to achieve it.

How to Delete Messages from your Zoom Video Conference?

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  1. What to do to delete an entire conversation from a chat during a Zoom Meeting?
    1. Deleted messages with mobile
    2. from a computer
  2. How do you delete private messages from a Zoom chat?
  3. Can a Zoom person find out about deleted messages?
  4. Where are deleted Zoom messages located?
  5. How to remove a person’s access to a Zoom chat?

What to do to delete an entire conversation from a chat during a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom is one of the most used applications when it comes to virtual meetings, seminars or talks. It is ideal since it not only allows interaction between the participants , but we can also observe the person who is giving the information, which makes the meeting more entertaining and constructive. The forms of participation are very diverse, but the first thing we must do is register and post a profile photo that we can later replace whenever we want. We can participate as an administrator ‘there can be several’, whose responsibility is to create the meeting, others can be criminal lawyers who are in charge of keeping the summoned group informed.

You can also participate as a guest in the event that you are invited to a meeting. The interesting thing about this application is that it has a messaging service that allows participants to talk to each other while they are in a virtual meeting, but sometimes we do not want these messages to remain there, for this reason we are going to look at two ways to eliminate them below. .

Deleted messages with mobile

The deletion of messages through the mobile application is possible only if the administrator makes the video call and authorizes our entry into the videoconference, when we are inside we can see the messages in the general room or even those sent to us in private. Being connected to our electronic device, we can delete the conversations or messages of a particular contact, to achieve this we must enter the contacts , then we select the conversation in which the messages to be deleted are found, select them and choose ‘Delete’, that is a simple procedure that we can apply with all the messages we want.

from a computer

Now, if instead of entering the meeting through an electronic device, we did it from a computer, the procedure for deleting messages is not very different from the previous one. To start we must be inside the meeting and select the contact whose conversations we want to delete, then we select the message that we want to disappear and holding it down for a couple of seconds we will see the ‘Delete’ option, we click there and what remains is to repeat the same procedure with each and every one of the messages that we want to delete, both procedures are quite simple and give results.

How do you delete private messages from a Zoom chat?

As we have mentioned, the application has a messaging service, the way it works is by clicking on ‘Chat’, an option that we have available in the meeting controls, clicking there will open a window in which we can write messages that everyone connected can read. Or if we prefer, we can also search in the menu and select a specific contact to whom we want to send a private message. But if after maintaining the conversation, we want to delete the messages , the procedure to execute is nothing different from what has already been explained , it will be enough to follow these simple steps and that’s it.

Can a Zoom person find out about deleted messages?

When deleting the messages, we are surely concerned that the other person may find out that we have indeed deleted the conversation, if we want to know, we must consider certain factors of interest in this matter. The first thing is to make sure if the person read the message , they will be able to see on the screen that the message was deleted even when they already knew the content of it, that is, the same thing happens with instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp in which we can delete messages , the second thing is that if the person was not able to read the message before deletion, the other user will not be able to see the message and therefore will not know its content.

Where are deleted Zoom messages located?

The messages corresponding to the conversations in Zoom , whether private or in the general room, are saved automatically or even manually . If we store them on the computer, we will have the possibility to see the messages that we received, that is, what they sent us privately, we will also be able to see those that were sent by all the users who participated in the meeting, so it is necessary to choose between these two to see the list of messages.

However, if the conversations were stored in the cloud instead of being saved locally, we will only be able to see the messages that were sent to the different participants in general and during the meeting, so we will not be able to see which ones were deleted.

How to remove a person’s access to a Zoom chat?

It is important to mention that the person in charge of controlling the flow of messages is the host or administrator, if any participant is disturbing the peace and smooth running of the meeting, the administrator can withdraw their access and even expel them from the meeting, to do this they must enter the conversation and click on the ‘More’ option located at the bottom of the screen, then we must choose the user in order to prevent them from continuing to start conversations with other participants.


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