What do you need to do a video conference?

Video conferencing, video calls and online meetings are part of the everyday life of companies today. Work routines have evolved in a hybrid modality between face-to-face and remote work.

To carry out a video conference you need two important things: a program, system or platform for video calls and virtual meetings and the best webcam for professional video conferences.

In order to choose both elements, it is necessary to analyze what the organization’s needs are, the number of participants in videoconferences, the size of the room, the frequency of meetings and the quality of the internet connection.

Why have video conferencing become a key element of companies?

A videoconference is a two-way communication mechanism or process that involves audio and video, which takes place in real time or can be recorded and broadcast. It allows the involvement of many participants and depends on an internet connection, so the geographical location is not a limitation. Their advantages and the reason for the importance they have acquired are:

  • Transfer and reception costs are eliminated or reduced. Some inconveniences related to traffic, exits from home or office, etc. are avoided.
  • They are easier to coordinate and those called are usually more receptive because video conferences are more flexible with their schedules and agendas.
  • They free up more time and people can be more productive.
  • By not depending on a geographical location or physical space, video conferences can have a much larger and even unlimited number of participants.
  • Thanks to new technologies and modern video conferencing cameras, virtual communications feel very realistic.

Video conferencing systems

The applications and platforms for videoconferences are programs specially designed for managing teams remotely, virtual communication with different numbers of participants, broadcasts, live and much more.

Also, depending on the chosen system, additional functions such as screen sharing, files or calendar, messaging chat, call recording and much more can be used.

In the market it is possible to choose between many systems, some of the most popular are Skype for Business, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Windows Hello, BlueJeans and Google Meet.

Video conferencing cameras

This is the second essential element to carry out a videoconference, since it is no longer adequate to settle for the web cameras that are incorporated in laptops or mobile phones. These do not have adequate quality to promote satisfactory virtual encounters and many of them fall short in terms of resolution, fluency and transmissions.

When it comes to finding a modern, innovative and reliable option, the Logitech brand is one of the best. The Brio business camera model is at the top of its category and represents the most advanced of its catalog, being the best webcam for video conferencing.

Its resolution is HD 4K at 30 fps, HD 1080p at 30 or 60 fps and HD 720p at 30, 60 or 90 fps. This means that the equipment has the versatility to achieve great detail and sharpness according to the situation. It also has 5x HD zoom, RightLight technology and HDR dynamic range technology which allow automatic adjustments taking into account lighting and contrast conditions.

Brio Enterprise Camera Visual Fields

You can choose from three visual field presets.

  • 65 ° diagonal to emphasize eye contact and face-to-face conversations.
  • 78 ° diagonal for a balanced framing where the speaker is given importance and a view of their surroundings is offered.
  • Super wide 90 ° is the frame to show what is around the speaker and allow complementary elements such as blackboards, objects, presentations, etc. to appear in the video.

Sound with omni-directional microphones

The camera ships with two built-in microphones that have echo and noise suppression functions. Audio has a range of 1 meter and conversations are heard very clearly. Uninterrupted sound and interventions sound very natural.


Brio can be installed wherever it is needed, whether on a desk, cabinet, table, screen or on top of a laptop. It is simple to connect and can be used immediately once it has been connected to the computer via USB. Logitech offers this video conferencing camera with a limited warranty and very competitive price, along with other models of equal quality.


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