How to delete TikTok messages? – All methods

Sharing what we like is something we do every day when using social networks. Tiktok , for example, is a platform designed to share videos with our contacts and even react to our followers’ posts, that is, it is an application to interact with others. . However, this interaction sometimes takes up storage space, so it is possible that we think about deleting messages from this application to free up space or memory or simply because we consider that it is not necessary to keep them there.

How to Delete TikTok Messages? – All Methods

So if we are interested in deleting Tik Tok messages, this article is prepared to teach us how we can do it by all existing methods and thus get rid of those annoying and uncomfortable messages that we simply have to delete, let’s see how we can do it.

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  1. Is there a chance that deleted messages will be visible to others?
  2. What is the way to enter the TikTok message box to delete messages?
    1. on computer
    2. With mobile device
  3. How do you delete posts on a TikTok account?
  4. How do you recover deleted TikTok messages?

Is there a chance that deleted messages will be visible to others?

Something that we must remember when using Tik Tok is that we can only receive or send messages to contacts, friends and followers, so if someone is not on the user’s contact list, they cannot send messages to us or us to that person. Of course, this is a default configuration of the application that can be easily modified, being able to choose between making it private or public. When we delete a message, the users who did not read the message will not be able to know the information it contained while the one who read it, read it and therefore knows the content of the message, even so, everyone will see a small notice indicating that the message was removed.

What is the way to enter the TikTok message box to delete messages?

If what we want is to delete messages on this social network, the first thing we must be clear about is that we must have a Tik Tok account, so we must log in  since it is precisely in the account where we will find the mailbox where the messages are stored. , the procedure to find said mailbox will depend on the device from which we have logged in, whether it is a computer or a mobile device, each one has its procedure that we will describe below.

on computer

As we already mentioned, the first thing we have to do is log in to enter the Tik Tok account, which by the way is possible to have two accounts at the same time on the same mobile, and when we are inside, what we must do is locate the mailbox of messages the account receives and save. After we are there, we must locate the person whose conversation we want to delete , if we want to delete the entire chat, we simply have to right-click so that a small box appears with a series of options.

One of these options corresponds to ‘Delete Chat’, we click there and then press ‘confirm’ to delete the entire conversation. If, on the contrary, what we are looking for is the deletion of certain specific messages, what we do is enter the chat and select these messages and then click on the delete button.

With mobile device

If the case is that we have a mobile device we must download and install the application, the process is not very different from the one described above, therefore, after entering the application we must locate the section where the messages are stored, that is, the mailbox , in this section we must press for a few seconds the chat that we want to delete so that the options appear, in these we will see the option corresponding to ‘Delete’ which we must press to completely empty the chat.

Another procedure that we can carry out to delete messages is to select one of the chats by pressing and holding it for a few seconds until we can see the ‘Select All’ option, this option allows us to mark all messages and click delete , it will delete all flagged messages.

How do you delete posts on a TikTok account?

Getting rid of the information that we do not want in Tik Tok is quite simple, all we have to do is open the application and visit our profile, once inside we can see a complete list of all the entries in the application, we must select the ones that we want to delete and as soon as we can see the trash can icon, click there and that’s it, that’s how we delete the entries in a Tik Tok account.

How do you recover deleted TikTok messages?

In general, the processes of deleting messages on social networks are irreversible unless it is the deletion of a friend, that is to say that the messages that we delete can never be restored, while in the case of a friend it is possible that in the future we will add it again, so if we delete a message, it disappears from the application without leaving any trace and there is no way or way to recover it.


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