How to find your Facebook friends on Instagram?

It goes without saying that networks like Instagram and Facebook have become an important part of our lives, because that is undoubtedly the reality, and that is that through them we can contact old friends, acquaintances, or even make new friends , and something very good is that These two networks are synchronized with each other , which allows us to get closer to our friends through the stories or publications that we upload.

How to Find Your Facebook Friends on Instagram?

Getting our Facebook friends or contacts on Instagram is very easy, and this is because many Facebook users also use Instagram , we just have to synchronize and that’s it we can follow our Facebook contacts on Instagram and vice versa. Perhaps you say that you do not know how to find your Facebook contacts on Instagram, because here we will teach you how to do it.

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  1. What to do to see the list of Facebook contacts that use Instagram?
  2. How to filter a name in the list of contacts using Instagram?

What to do to see the list of Facebook contacts that use Instagram?

The first thing you should do is go to the Instagram App installed on your device, after logging into your account you will see how at the bottom is the option ‘ Settings ‘  now click on it and then where it says ‘ Account ‘ ´You ​​are going to select ´Synchronization of contacts´ and then click on ´Contact contacts´ . After carrying out this activation you return to the profile there is an icon in 3 lines which gives you the option ‘Discover People’ , at the top you find ‘Connect with Facebook ‘ click on ‘Connect’, then you must write password and username and thus the connection with Facebook will be made.

Once all this process is done, we leave Instagram and re-enter again to update the data. We return to the profile and click again on the icon in 3 lines, click on the option ‘Discover people’ and the Facebook contacts that we can follow on Instragram will appear.

After all this process, click on the ‘Follow’ option that is seen on the right side of each account. Thus we will be following the friend or contact that we want, and if the word “Pending” appears, it will be because that person has her private profile and must accept the request.

In such a way that synchronizing contacts between Facebook-Instragram is easy, we just follow the steps already mentioned and that’s it, it is also very practical to do so because this way we will have our contacts in both networks and we will not lose track of them or they of us . We will be up to date with everything they publish and they will see everything we publish, this will allow us to strengthen our relationships with these virtual friends.

How to filter a name in the list of contacts using Instagram?

To do this we just have to select the search engine, it is the magnifying glass icon at the top where we read the word ‘search’, there we write the name of the contact we want to search for and follow, various options will appear, this will facilitate the search In fact, many of these options already have a profile photo so we can identify more easily and at once if it is the person we are looking for.

It is even possible to see those private profile photos on Facebook, this is very useful because sometimes we want to locate someone and we do not have much information about that person. To search for a particular user, we must select or click on ‘People’, the application will directly search for the user’s account or profile, we write the name of the Facebook contact and all the related ones will appear.

If we search for the contact through Hashtags, Instagram will   directly search for the publications related to the (#) Hashtags . As you write, various options will appear, we can write in Hashtags specifying the interests of the contact that we want to find and this will make it easier to find a user story that has recently been uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, and thus the search will be faster.

Having found the location, all the stories registered with the corresponding (#) Hashtags  will appear, which will allow us to know if the person has recently and directly shared something on Facebook or Instagram, if we already have the person we want to find as a contact/friend in our Facebook account or is already synchronized with our Instagram or telephone contact the search will be easier and faster.


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