How to reset your ‘Magnifying glass’ folder on Instagram – With the app or PC

Over the years, Instagram has continued to be the main social network for multimedia content despite the constant growth of similar applications such as TikTok, this is due in large part to the new functions of the platform , among which we can highlight the new Face filters that allow you to customize the content of stories and publications, in order to achieve a greater impact.

Not only through the new features Instagram has managed to stay relevant and meet the needs of its users, but also thanks to the sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm of the application, which is responsible for offering personalized recommendations to its users in the folder of ‘Magnifying glass’. For this reason, with this article we will teach you how to restore your ‘Lupa’ folder on Instagram with the application or PC.

How to Reset your ‘Magnifying Glass’ Folder on Instagram – With the App or PC

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  1. How do you select the content that Instagram displays to its users?
  2. What is the way you can update the content of your magnifying glass on Instagram?
  3. How will your magnifying glass look if you format it in your Instagram account?
  4. What procedure should you follow to reset your ‘Explore’ section on Instagram?
    1. From PC
    2. From the Android app
    3. Using the iOS app

How do you select the content that Instagram displays to its users?

Through the application software, Instagram personalizes the content it shows to each individual user in the ads that appear in the home feed and in the browser section, in order to recommend new content and accounts to follow. This is possible thanks to the collection of data that Instagram records from its users , such as the accounts you follow, content you interact with, location, and much more.

As you use the mobile app more frequently, the contents of the magnifying glass folder will become more accurate with respect to your tastes and preferences, adapting in real time to user behavior within the app. For example, if you start consuming sports content on Instagram, in a matter of minutes the application will show recommendations of that type.

What is the way you can update the content of your magnifying glass on Instagram?

Like other media content apps like TikTok, YouTube, or Snapchat , it is possible to update magnifying glass content on Instagram quite easily. You should only use the platform to consume the content of your preference, following accounts related to said preferences so that the Instagram algorithm can detect your interests through it.

To locate the type of accounts related to your tastes and preferences, it is recommended to use the application search engine found in the magnifying glass section. Through this section, you can also search for content in various ways to update the content of the magnifying glass, as follows.

Search by location: Using the Instagram explorer’s search tool, you can find content related to a specific place on the planet, so that you can get to know these places through the photos and videos uploaded by users residing in said location. You can even appear in this type of search by activating the ‘Add to photo map’ option in your publications.

Search by hashtags: Instagram also has the option to search for content by hashtags or keywords, which allow you to perform more precise searches that can help you personalize the content of the magnifying glass. Just as you can search for content in this way, it is recommended to put hashtags in your posts to get a greater reach in them.

Search by emoji: To the surprise of many users who are unaware of this option, within the Instagram search engine it is possible to get content by emoji. This type of search is quite useful, since it allows you to know the meaning that each emoji has in different places, thus consuming new content that the Instagram algorithm will use to update personalized recommendations.

It is necessary to highlight that Instagram also updates the content of the magnifying glass based on the interactions you have within the platform. In other words, the posts you like and those you comment on are analyzed by the application’s algorithm to determine your likes and show you the content you prefer.

How will your magnifying glass look if you format it in your Instagram account?

When performing an Instagram account format to delete the browsing history and log data stored by the app, the content of the magnifying glass section will need to be reset to its default values. So, if you don’t give the Instagram mobile app permissions to access your device’s location, it will only show viral content from the United States and what’s trending.

On the other hand, if after cleaning the Instagram account, you grant the necessary permissions to the application to access the location of the device where you are entering, the content that will appear in the magnifying glass section will be personalized in reference to that place. In addition, several categories will be displayed at the top of the browser , so you can select your preferences.

If, after formatting your personal Instagram account, content appears in the magnifying glass section that you do not like, you can avoid this type of content by simply long-pressing on it and then checking the option ‘See fewer messages like this’ which will appear in the popup menu. In this way, the Instagram algorithm will begin to analyze your tastes and preferences to personalize the content of the magnifying glass.

What procedure should you follow to reset your ‘Explore’ section on Instagram?

If regular cleaning of the Instagram browser is not carried out, after a period of time it can continue to display content that is no longer of interest and therefore completely lose its usefulness. Reason for which it is recommended to reset said section frequently, which you can do from any device compatible with Instagram, through the following steps.

From PC

  • Open the official website of Instagramto log in to your personal account. Preferably, this step should be done from the browser of personal use to save the password.
  • Within the home feed of your account, click on the thumbnail of your profile photothat is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • This will open a drop-down menu of options, in which you must click on the Configuration section, which appears next to the gear-shaped icon.
  • In the Settings menu, check the Privacy and security sectionfound in the left-hand column, then within it click the See all option.
  • Next, locate the Account Activity section, where you will find the Search History optionand below it the See all button, which you must press.
  • Finally, in the next window, click on the Clear search history option, a pop-up box will open where you must check Clear everything to finish the process.

From the Android app

  • First of all, you must download and update Instagramto have the latest version of the application available. Then, log in to your personal account with your login details.
  • In the application’s home feed, tap on the head-shaped iconlocated in the lower right corner to enter the Profile section.
  • In the next section, click on the icon in the form of three parallel lines, located in the upper right corner to open the side menu of options.
  • Within this menu select the Configuration option, then in the next menu scroll down to the Account section, where you mustclick on the Search history option.
  • Once you have entered the search history window, click on the Clear search history option, a pop-up box will open where you must confirm the procedure.

Using the iOS app

The steps to follow to reset the Instagram browser section in the mobile application for iOS devices are the same steps previously explained for the Android app. With the only difference that within the Settings menu, you must click on the Security section and then on Clear search history, then confirm the process so that the cleaning is carried out automatically.


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