How to delete empty folders or junk files on your Android mobile or tablet

In this article we will teach you how to delete empty folders or junk files on your Android mobile or tablet in a few steps so that you can free up space on your mobile device easily.

How to Delete Empty Folders or Junk Files on your Android Mobile or Tablet

The junk files take up space important in our mobile and therefore we periodically do a cleaning of these files and folders, as the device is filled with unnecessary information or cache memory, which occupies space and makes it not work in your state optimum.

To carry out this task we have many applications and programs that will help us to make maintenance an easy task but we must stick with one, in this case we will present you with an easy-to-use and effective option to eliminate garbage from your mobile device .

How to delete empty folders from mobile device?

Empty Folder Cleaner, is an application that we can download from the Play Store and achieve an optimal response for our mobile device that offers us the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning by removing unwanted elements from our mobile, including empty folders that would not be there using.

This program allows us to enter even the smallest corners of our mobile, it is customizable, we can choose the corners where we want the cleaning to do its thing and thus check or uncheck what they do not want to eliminate.

Step by step to eliminate garbage on your mobile

  1. We must first download the application from our Play Store in order to begin the installation within the device.
  2. To begin, when we enter the application, it will ask you to grant it administrator permission to be able to access the internal data of the mobile device.
  3. It will also ask you to grant the SD card permission and the ability to make internal changes to the device memory.
  4. In order to clean only the internal memory of your mobile device, we must click on the “Delete Empty Folders” option to delete only folders inside the internal memory.
  5. If you want to clean inside your SD memory we can click on the option below the previous one that allows us to delete empty folders only in the SD memory, in case of not having SD memory you can ignore it.
  6. This application will show you permissions to start cleaning in any of the two memory each time you try to start it, you just have to accept and the application will do its thing.
  7. In this way you can perform a complete cleaning on your device and its memories without too many complications.

Important: This process can delete empty folders, except for a folder called “.android_secure” that the system does not allow us to delete, in this application it will appear as deleted but it is not, since this would create a conflict within the device, the application will want to “delete” it because it will appear empty.

It is important to have this application always on our mobile device in order to lighten the performance of our mobile, it will eliminate internal data (folders) that are not used and that occupy important space within our device.

Empty Folder Cleaner is an easy and simple option to use without too many complications, with two options and a settings menu that can access and modify certain cleaning parameters.

Specifically, the application is solid, reliable and allows any user to use it without having to access complex cleaning tools.

It is free to download, without having to pay exaggerated monthly payments to access a very complete service like this one.

If you are interested in this guide on how to delete empty folders or junk files on your Android mobile or tablet and you feel that it solved your doubts, then you can continue on this site and find more articles with complete guides to learn how to clear the cache on any device Android to free up space and more.


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