How to delete empty folders on an Android

Even if you don’t think it is necessary, it is important that you take a few minutes to organize the folders on your mobile’s internal storage and proceed to delete the empty folders that, for some reason, were not deleted.

You may find many of these folders if you are one of those users who are constantly installing and uninstalling applications on your Android phone. So today we will explain everything you need to do to delete empty Android folders once and for all .

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  1. How recommendable is it to delete empty folders from our mobile?
  2. What is the procedure to delete empty folders on Android?
    1. From PC
    2. From the phone
  3. How can I remove all the empty folders from my cell phone with just one touch?
    1. Empty Folder Cleaner
    2. Folder Clear
    3. New Empty Folder Cleaner

How recommendable is it to delete empty folders from our mobile?

It is highly recommended that you delete empty folders on your device since, as their name suggests, they are completely empty and are only taking up a small space on your device.

Now, you have to be very careful when deleting folders on Android , since depending on their importance for the operating system it may not be recommended. For example, if it is a simple App that you already deleted or files that you previously transferred to storage, then there is no problem in doing so.

The same happens when you are looking for viruses and you want to remove Trojan viruses from your mobile because you have already found the exact location. Here it is also recommended. But there are very few cases where these types of folders, despite being empty, contain hidden files that are necessary for the operating system to work .

What is the procedure to delete empty folders on Android?

Once you know which folders you are going to delete , you can proceed to use either of the two methods that we will mention below:

From PC

To delete Android folders from your computer or laptop, you must do the following:

  1. Connect your phone to the computerusing a USB cable
  2. Select the data transfer option on your mobile phone
  3. Now run the file explorer on your computer go to My Computer or My Computer
  4. There, select the icon that represents your mobile deviceand enter its internal memory.
  5. Now you see deleting all the folders that you do not think necessary.

Keep in mind that you can delete the folders created by WhatsApp once you have disabled your account . You can also do the same with each of the application folders that were uninstalled and left a trace on your device.

From the phone

From the telephone it is something a little easier for some. To do this, you have to:

  1. Locate the native file explorerthat your device has. In case you don’t like it or it works, you can choose to install a new file explorer such as Cx File Explorer
  2. Once inside the application, you will find an icon that will take you either to the internal storage or to the storage of the SD cardyou have. You can choose one or the other.
  3. After there, you are going to start looking for those folders that are empty and that you know are doing absolutely nothing on your device.
  4. To delete them, you are going to select one or more foldersand then, several options will be enabled for you.
  5. In your case, choose the trash can icon to delete the selected files or folders.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of Android file explorers have a feature that allows you to scan your storage for residual files, duplicates, and others that just take up unnecessary space. You can also use this tool to delete folders or files.

How can I remove all the empty folders from my cell phone with just one touch?

To achieve this, it is necessary that you use additional tools and functions to those that the same phone gives you. Some of the ones that we can recommend are the following:

Empty Folder Cleaner

This tool is specially designed so that users can delete all the empty folders without much procedure. Thanks to this tool, you can choose between having a record of all deleted folders or not.

Just as you can implement it for internal storage, you can also implement it for the micro SD memories you have on your mobile device. Of course, it is necessary that, in order to use all the functions of this application, you are a Superuser or have given the corresponding Root permissions.

Folder Clear

It is a kind of folder viewer that you can use to eliminate in a much easier way, all those folders that have no use or files that you know are no longer necessary. The interface of this application is very simple and intuitive. You may find it in an English version , but you can still understand everything or change the language if you need it.

New Empty Folder Cleaner

Another alternative, in case any of the ones we have already mentioned, does not seem viable to you. What stands out most about this application for Android phones is that its weight does not exceed 3 MB and that it is very easy to use.

In fact, you can see the comments in the Play Store and you will notice that 90% of the comments are positive. So you have an option that will be practical for you. It’s more. If you wish, you can use it after you have uninstalled several applications from your Android phone.

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