How to detect and remove an Adware virus on your Android mobile

Mobile devices are not immune from being attacked by a virus, which is the number one enemy of all mobiles. One of these viruses is Adware, therefore, in this article we will analyze how to detect and eliminate an Adware virus on your Android mobile very easily.

How to Detect and Eliminate an Adware Virus on your Android Mobile – VERY easy

What is an Adware?

It is a free software created to publish advertisements Its objective is to constantly show (unwanted) advertising that motivates users to buy, read or visit sites where it provides tips to reduce, earn easy money, among others.

Adware is   intended to hijack your mobile device to collect information about the websites that you regularly visit ; In order to use that information so that third parties can send you advertising that may interest you with great persistence.

But there are Adware that can steal your banking information , passwords and other personal data, which can put your privacy at risk. In addition, the way this virus acts can serve to infect your mobile with malware.

Adware can infect your mobile in two ways, through the browser or through applications you download; These take advantage of security holes to sneak into your mobile operating system. This virus usually comes in free applications.

How to detect an Adware virus on your Android mobile

When a virus infects your mobile device, it begins to show signs that tell you that something is wrong with its system, so you must be attentive to the signs it shows you. These are some of the signs:

  • A mysterious icon can leak onto your home screen.
  • Your notification bar is constantly blocked; because it is bombarded by a large number of advertisements produced by an Adware.
  • See advertising on sites where they should not appear ; for example, outside the infected application or on the lock screen.
  • The links you want to visit send you to different websites.
  • The system slows down .
  • Unwanted applications are installed on your mobile device.
  • The battery drains quickly.

How to remove an Adware virus from your Android mobile

  1. One of the options you have is to install an antivirus , but you must make sure that this antivirus has a good reputation; You must also download it from a reliable website, because if you download any antivirus it may contain other viruses that can damage your device. Surely you will have the concern to know what are good options in Antivirus, and you will like to know about a  list of the best antivirus for Android .
  2. Another way to eliminate an Adware is manually, using the safe mode that the Android operating system contains. This is what you should do:
  1. Activate safe mode on your Android device , to stop the execution of the apps installed for you. (This is a temporary protection measure installed by the Android operating system; to detect and solve problems that affect the computer, without the need to erase information).
  2. When you are in safe mode go to “Adjustment”.
  3. Then click on “Applications” and “Downloaded Applications.” In this step you can review the apps that you installed before the problem arose on your device.
  4. Uninstall all the apps that have problems. If the “Uninstall” button does not appear, go to “Settings”, “Security” and then to “Device administrators” where a list of active apps will appear. If the app is there, click “Deactivate”.
  5. Go back to “Downloaded applications” and deactivate now if the apps you want to deactivate.
  6. If the above options do not work you will have to restore the factory settings of your mobile.

Tips to Avoid Adware Viruses on Android

  • To prevent your mobile from being saturated with some type of advertising, you must eliminate the advertising in the browser ; that will help you block ads that can download malware.
  • Install an antivirus ; This tool will help detect any threat that your Android device may suffer and at the same time it may be attacked.
  • Download apps from trusted stores like Google Play Store .
  • Read carefully the permissions that you grant in the free apps or programs that you download.
  • Do not accept or open suspicious links.

Although Adware has been created for the benefit of third parties, they can be harmful to your mobile. So, you already know how to detect and eliminate an Adware virus on your Android mobile very easily.


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