How To Delete junk files from your Android

Having little storage on your mobile is one of the most tedious things out there. The system constantly asks you to free up space to save photos, download applications or even take screenshots. Today we leave you with an express tutorial so that you can erase junk files from your Android and free up a large amount of memory . This process can be done from the file manager of your mobile , but it is much faster and more efficient using one of the best Google applications .

Free up storage space on your Android mobile

They are called junk files those who have no use for operating your device, which are not pictures or files you saved and deleted if not produce a change in any of the applications. Junk files can also be called those images that you haven’t used for years and that the system determines you don’t need. The best example is the screenshots.

A mobile using for months and that has never had a junk file cleaning can accumulate hundreds of MB of these files, which only occupy space in your memory without a clear objective to improve the experience. Deleting all this content is extremely easy:

  1. Download the ‘ Files by Google ‘ application from Google Play
  2. Run the App and grant it permissions to search for files
  3. Enter the ‘ Cleaning ‘ section
  4. Delete junk files from your Android mobile

All temporary files that applications have saved and that the system does not consider important will be deleted . Rest assured, no important data, saved games or anything like that is deleted. Only very small files are deleted that the system saves for a better experience and that accumulate until they have tens of MB per application. 

With these simple steps you can free up a large amount of storage , although it does not end there. You can take a look at the different sections of the ‘Cleaning’ section. In it you will find different options to delete applications that you never use, images duplicated by the system and very large downloaded files.

It is one of the best applications to erase junk files and free up space on any Android mobile. It’s free , takes up very little space, and will offer you an amazing tool for your device. In addition, it is a very complete file manager that is updated every so often.


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