How to create an outline and share it in Google Docs

Technological advances have made things much easier, it is becoming easier to do any type of actions or documents. Above all, creating and editing documents is much easier than before. Thanks to the access that has been given to the cloud recently, there is no need to download heavy programs to be able to do anything. One of these is document editing and creation .

All this was done in order to make things more practical for ordinary users and thus have more time for other things. One of the companies that has been characterized by focusing on making that a reality is Google.

Thanks to the development of connectivity through the cloud , the company is today a leader in terms of digital services. For example, Google Docs.

What is Google Docs and what is it for?

In 2006 Google’s new idea was unveiled, which consisted of making a series of documentary editors and making them available. All this, through Google Drive, the Google cloud tool.

Google Docs is a very powerful text editor , which is offered in the Google Drive document editor package. Among these types of editors, you can have spreadsheets, presentation even presentation.

Thanks to the use of these editors it is possible to edit and upload documents of all kinds , it is even possible to create documents from scratch. Best of all, it can be enhanced without the need to download any external programs.

To access these services, you only need to create a Google account , and enter the specialized platform for this. Once accessed, you can appreciate the incredible functionality that Google Docs has.

With this tool it is possible to do all kinds of actions in a very easy and practical way. It has nothing to envy to other text creation and editing programs, as if that were not enough, it is compatible with most of the most famous editing programs.

Once a file is created, it is possible to save it in the cloud in a very simple way, which means that it is not necessary to occupy the space of our personal disk. Likewise, it will be available at any time and every day, you only need to enter your Google account and open the previously saved file.

One of the actions that can be carried out with Google Docs is to create an outline, which can be done very easily. In this article, you will learn the steps to follow to create an outline and share it on Google Docs.

Steps to create an outline and share it in Google Docs

The first thing to do is enter the Google account from which you will be working, then go to the Google Docs tool and open a new file . Depending on the connection speed you have, the time it takes to load the document will depend.

Now, what you have to do is name the scheme that will be created, for this you must click on the “Untitled Document” bar . Next, you must click on the specific sheet you have and indicate the structure that the «Scheme» will have.

You must write the name that the first sheet will have and then press the enter key, then click on the Insert option and select the Page break option. Now, you must indicate the name of the second page and press Ctrl + to repeat the previous action.

So on until all the sheets are completed, now you have to go to the first page and select its name. Then, click on the “Insert” option then Paragraph Style and then “Title” , the same with all. Then, you must click on the “Share” option located in the upper right corner.

In this way an outline has been created in Google Docs. Taking into account that this editor also provides us with a series of tools that are very helpful either to make an outline or brochure, among others.

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