How to recognize a song by singing it to Google

Thanks to a new function of the voice assistant, we can make him recognize a song by singing it close to the microphone.

It has happened to everyone to have a fixed melody in mind for days, but to be unable in any way to remember the title. We may not even remember a few words of the text, which makes the search even more complicated . The idea of ​​having a song recognized by singing it to one of our devices seems utopia, but the truth is that there have been, even in the past, some attempts to achieve this result.

The news is that Google has recently included a function in its search engine for which we just need to hum the tune we have in mind to find the title and the artist, working in a more intuitive way than other applications with similar functionality. .

How to search for a song by singing it to Google’s voice assistant.

The feature we are talking about is available for both Android devices and for those iOS through the ‘ Google app or serving us of’ Google Assistant , quite easily.
To find out the title of the song and finally unravel our troublesome doubt, we just have to click on the microphone icon and start the search. The symbol we are talking about is the same that we find on the side of the widget or Google application.

We can sing, hum or even whistle the song we have printed in our heads and the Google search engine will do the rest, doing its best to locate the song.

The interesting mechanism behind Google Search, explained by experts

Although it might seem like a particularly trivial mechanism, in reality what is behind the new feature proposed by Google is really fascinating to understand.

The Google team of engineers and programmers explained to us how the system underlying the application is able to literally dissect the recording we created by clicking on the microphone. Through this procedure, the audio file is “transformed into a sequence made up of strings of numbers that are nothing more than the melody of the song”.

In a post that appeared on the Google blog, the experts of the Menlo Park giant explain to us that the melodic line of each single song is ” comparable to a fingerprint “. This is to make us understand how each of them is essentially unique . It will therefore be sufficient to whisper a melody that resembles, even remotely, what we have in mind and that’s it!

The intonation does not have to be perfect or accurate because, even by varying or modifying certain traits of the melody, it still remains unique and exclusive in relation to that particular musical composition.
This concept is valid at least for most of the songs and an improvement in the system as the months go by cannot be ruled out.

So in summary, the next time we happen to have our head stunned by a melody that we just cannot connect to a text, a title or an author, we finally have an ally within reach of a smartphone , which is able to provide us with the solution. at the moment we prefer.


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