How to export Keep notes to another format

The most convenient way to export Keep notes is to use Google Takeout, the system that allows you to manage Google data.

Google Keep is a perfect tool for taking notes easily and without frustration. This is thanks to a very easy to use interface and several functions that make the action of taking notes as simple as drinking a glass of water. If for any reason we want to handle notes differently, exporting Keep notes is a good way

Also, remember one thing: having a backup of what we do is much smarter than not having a backup of what we do. For this reason, let’s always remember to export what we save in Google Keep through the appropriate tool, Takeout, and to save it somewhere where you can always keep it at hand.

How to export Google Keep notes through using Google Takeout.

Google Takeout is a tool of the Google suite that has a single purpose: to make the data we have generated thanks to Google on our computer tangible It allows us to export not only Google Keep notes but any type of file we have ever created using one of the applications related to the Google ecosystem.

In order to use it, we visit the appropriate page and log in with the Google account which corresponds to the one linked to Google Keep. If we want to export only the contents of our Google Keep, first click on deselect all.

Scroll the list of products until you find Google Keep and apply the check mark on the corresponding square with the left click of the mouse. Then click on the multiple formats item that we find below the service description to read in which formats our data will be delivered to us .

We click the next step button to continue the procedure .

Under the heading Frequency we can choose whether to export a single archive or export an archive every two months for a year . Under the heading of file type and dimensions we can choose the format with which the archives and the dimensions will be exported.

Once we have selected the parameters of our liking, click on the Create Export button .

Depending on the amount of data and the parameters that we will have requested in the customization phase, the process of creating the archives could take an amount of time ranging from seconds to minutes. Once it is completed the screen will be changed slightly and we will be allowed to click on the Download button to download.

If we want we can close the window where we started the backup; the creation of the archive will be notified by email to the address with which we logged in. The archive download will remain available for one week.

What does the archive we created with Google Takeout contain?

The archive will in fact contain all the photos, videos or audios present within the service, a list of email addresses with which we have collaborated within Google Keep and also a practical list of labels, in case we want to migrate our notes elsewhere.

In any case opening the file we will find ourselves in front of a .html file that will take us directly to a handy Google page to download, individually , all the notes, attachments and the contents of the case.



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