How to create an image browser in an Excel sheet?

Have you ever wondered how to create an image browser in Excel? This program is a spreadsheet , it was developed by Microsoft company. It has a function of graphs, tables and allows you to add a background image personalizing the document. In this article we teach you how to organize formulas to locate photos.

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  1. How to create an image browser in an Excel sheet?
  2. How to do image searches in Excel?
    1. How to organize the images of an Excel sheet?
  3. Example of how the image search engine should look

How to create an image browser in an Excel sheet?

Learn this essential tool to be a complement in your databases. It is usually used in product inventories . The image is attached next to the cell that contains the characteristic details of the merchandise. It is also used to organize personnel files in a company. With Excel it is possible to make a data form  and have better accounting control.

It is used by professionals in many fields. It is common in accounting and human resources. It uses the ‘Visual Basic’ macro programming language . Its breakthroughs send greetings back to its origins in 1982, when it was first launched on the market. The software is available on Windows, MacOS and other computer operating systems. Additionally, Excel has a mobile app on Apple Android and iOS devices.

Thanks to the development of its technology, today it is used in a lot of things. It is the right hand of business professionals, it is applied in the personal sphere with the other programs of the package. Although, it is the only one in Microsoft Office that allows you to sort data in columns and rows . Has the ability to perform complex mathematical tasks. Read figures from numbers and letters, exploit statistical logic functions.

Today, it facilitates processes that previously had to be done by hand using analog methods. Now, it allows you to work with a large amount of information and processes it instantly. It is an analytical tool par excellence. Thus, it offers the possibility of generating reports, dynamic tables and graphs.

Similarly, searching for images in a spreadsheet is useful in any task. To start, place the fields you need, each one must be placed in a cell. That will be the same place where you place the text. This way you will maintain a link with the databases . You can insert a shape if you want to place the image inside it. Create an additional sheet, there goes the information you wrote previously.

Position the content horizontally, in this way the data that is added will be saved. It is recommended that it be used as a table, as new records will be kept in the same format. Inserts a scroll bar , it is used to navigate between the compiled data.

Organize the images that you are going to place in the search engine, it is important that you adjust their size to that of the cells. Press the command ‘Ctrl + A’ select the attachments that are in the sheet. In the ‘Image format’ options click on ‘Align and vertically’. Apply the changes so that they are evenly distributed.

It is possible to make the process of searching the data more efficient and advanced, add a dropdown list . Name each image according to its content, go to the ‘Data Validation’ tab and press ‘List’. This way you can locate the files you want to display, you just have to position them by copying and pasting the image on the data sheet.

To create a link to the catalog it is necessary to automate this process. It means that if we select a name in the drop-down list, the corresponding photograph will appear immediately. You can’t enter a formula on media objects , it only works with cell references and qualifiers.

Click an attachment and type the equals symbol (=), then tap the dropdown field. The result is the data, changing the value will also change the image. It is important to associate the aggregates with their qualifier. You can call the photographs from the administrator, there you check that the accesses have been created correctly.

With the ‘Indirect’ function you can also make links, if we select the file and assign a name with the formula. If you want to tweak the look of the sheet, apply changes to the size and hide the cell borders. Objects can be resized from their corners. Find ‘Crop’ in the format window, make adjustments and apply the changes.

How to do image searches in Excel?

Learn how to use formulas to query the dropdown list function for objects you’ve added. Excel has the category of creating inventories where the name and range of the product or employee that we need to register is applied.

How it works depends on the link that is created between the image and its qualifier. If you look in the sheet for an object reference , it will take you to the cell that has been linked. That is why it is important to correctly relate the fields with the corresponding formula. The defined name must be linked to a unique section. Otherwise, Excel will throw an error.

How to organize the images of an Excel sheet?

Remember that each object must be defined by a specific nickname. Also, you can’t go outside of cell boundaries . Learn advanced Excel tricks to perfect formulas and greetings within the application.

Select the ‘Insert’ tab and click ‘Data Slicing’ . Press ‘Product’ and then accept to get a pivot table. Cut the result and place it on the sheet. Apply the new image and head to search. From the name manager, call your product whatever you want.

If you see a ‘Refers to’ statement, delete the content and select the option below it. Remember to add the Indirect function in the bar. Go back to your main page and click on the image, write the (=) and the way you called your product. The most important are the greetings that are generated between the object and its last name.

You will notice this advanced setting of ‘Indirect’ formulas organizes the data in Excel better. Having completed the steps to check the order of the images, you can use the dropdown list. As we select a different object, the photograph that represents it will appear.

Example of how the image search engine should look

The result of configuring each function can end up in an effective macro. He himself should be able to analyze products , especially at the inventory level. If you work with different businesses, it will help organize your company data. With the search engine you can consult information about descriptions and details of an object.


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