How to add image with hyperlink in Excel?

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used programs worldwide, initially because it is a powerful calculation tool and then because you can carry out any task with said program.

You will even have the possibility to develop a database, generate budgets for a company , payroll, among others. Sometimes it will be useful to have images with hyperlinks to manage your files, continue reading and find out why.

How to Add Image with Hyperlink in Excel? – Walkthrough and Tips

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  1. What is the procedure to insert a picture in Microsoft Excel?
    1. Insert images from your computer
    2. Insert images from web
  2. How can I add a hyperlink to my image in Excel?
    1. Link to existing file or web page
    2. Link the image to a place in the current document
    3. Link to new document
    4. Link to email account
  3. How do I remove or change a picture link in Excel?
  4. What other way can I use to redirect the content of my image?
    1. inside the leaves

What is the procedure to insert a picture in Microsoft Excel?

Before looking at the steps to add hyperlinks to images in Excel, it is appropriate that you know the steps required to insert images in your spreadsheets and how to work with them properly. You must first identify the nature and location of the image you want to add to your archive , you will have the possibility to choose an image from your computer, a collection or from Bing images.

Insert images from your computer

  • Click on the cell of your sheet where you want to place the image you need.
  • Navigate to the Excel toolbar and choose “Insert.”
  • Click on the “Images” option, and in the pop-up box navigate to the location of the file on your PC.
  • Choose the image and click “Insert” in the dialog box.

With the previous steps you will have completed the insertion of your image in the location that we destined for your spreadsheet, in addition, if you need to place a collection of images or a file that has multiple images , you must follow the previous steps.

Insert images from web

  • Choose the cell where you will place your image.
  • Navigate to the toolbar and click on “Insert”.
  • Choose “Online images” and click on this option.
  • A dialog box will open where you must navigate in the search engine to choose the image that we insert.
  • Click on the “Insert” button and that’s it.

You must bear in mind that in order to insert images from a website, it is necessary to have the latest update of your internet explorer browser . On the other hand, consider that you can take a screenshot of your computer and take advantage of these images to use them in your documents and tutorials.

How can I add a hyperlink to my image in Excel?

Once you have completed the insertion of your image in the spreadsheet, you will have to make the hyperlink of it, for this you must consider where you want to link the image, that is, you must define if your image will redirect to the content of the same sheet , to another spreadsheet, to another workbook or document, or to a website. Having clear the redirect criteria, now continue with the following steps:

  • Right click on the image and choose the “hyperlink” option
  • A pop-up window will open where you will see a left column called “Link to” generating the options “Existing file or web page”,“Place of this document”, “Create new document”, “Email address”.

The above are the general steps for any of the existing hyperlink options, now we will show you the steps that you must follow in each case.

Link to existing file or web page

You should use these steps if you want to link your image to an existing file on your PC or if you want to direct the reader to a web page of interest to the topic you are dealing with.

  • Choose the “Existing file or page” option and click on the “Current folder” tab to search for documents or files on your PC, or click on “Viewed pages” or “Recent files”if you want to place a URL as a link to your image.
  • You can add a URL that you have not previously consulted on your PC, but that you know will serve as a link for your image. To do this, place the URL in the space called “Address”.
  • Click on accept and you will have your image linked to the web address or file on your PCthat you have selected.

Link the image to a place in the current document

  • Click on the “Place of this document” option.
  • Choose the cell reference where your image links.
  • Choose the spreadsheet you want to linkto your image.
  • Click on accept.

Link to new document

  • Click on the “Create new document” option.
  • Put the “Name of the new document” in the corresponding space.
  • Select the path, that is, the folder where you will create the document.
  • Choose the option of when you want to modify the new document. You will have “Modify new document later” or “Modify new document now”.
  • Click on accept.

Keep in mind that when you carry out this step you will be creating a .htm document, in addition, you will have the possibility of creating the document and modifying it later whenever you want. To do this you can make a layout and improve the presentation of your content.

Link to email account

Another of the options that you will have to link your Excel images is to link to email , and that is that you can literally open an email that you previously defined by clicking on the image, to do this, execute the following steps:

  • From the pop-up window that appears when you click on “hyperlink”, click on the “Email address” option.
  • Fill in the e-mail address and subject fields.
  • Click on accept.

When the user clicks on the image linked with this property, you will see that it redirects to a browser window with a new email that will have as a subject the subject that you have defined in the link. You will only have to fill in the message information and send to the recipient of your choice.

How do I remove or change a picture link in Excel?

You already know how to create hyperlinks on your images, but do you know how to change or remove them? Here’s how to do it:

  • Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the image you want to modify or remove the hyperlink from.
  • Click the right button of your mouseon the image.
  • Choose the option of your preference, you will find “Modify hyperlink”, “Open hyperlink”, and “Remove hyperlink”.
  • If you click on “Modify Hyperlink” you can change to any of the options mentioned above; while if you click on “Remove hyperlink” then you will free the image of any link.

What other way can I use to redirect the content of my image?

We have presented you with most of the ways to link or redirect the content of the image that you want to link to some information; however, we have not delved into the options available to you to do so specifically. In this case we show you how to link to information in the same book :

inside the leaves

You have already seen how to link to specific sheets, but you have wondered if you can link to a space on the sheet of your choosing, or if you can link to a specific cell. Well, the answer is yes, if you can do it and we show you the step by step:

  • Select the sheet and the space or cells you want to link to your image.
  • Merge the cells and rename the selection in the field where the cell coordinates appear, eg “Test” in cell “B3”.
  • Right click on the imageand choose “Hyperlink”.
  • Follow the steps in the section “link the image to a place in the current document” and choose the word “Test” in “Defined names”.
  • Click “OK”.

As you may have noticed , it is easy to make links to images in Excel . So now you have good tools to carry out the practices you need about linking images in this program. For more information or clarify doubts, you can visit the official Microsoft page .


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