How to contact Microsoft customer suppor

When you have a problem with a Microsoft service or application , you can contact the company’s customer service so that they can give you a solution, and that is why we will offer you different ways to be able to transfer your question to them when you find yourself in this situation.

All companies have their own customer service to answer questions, for example, operators such as Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, etc. We also find it in the case of Microsoft, and the truth is that it has several methods to contact them.

By this we mean that there are several ways of contact , and generally they usually work well and should answer your specific question, so below we are going to show what options you have when you want to talk to someone from Microsoft to solve something.

By phone

Perhaps it is the route that many users prefer since it is the simplest and fastest. Microsoft offers the telephone number 917 547 010 as a way to resolve technical doubts and about purchases not made in the official online store regarding the acquisition of the company’s products.

It is a free phone , so calls with any flat rate that includes minutes to landlines will not cost you anything. It is a telephone available from Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon, taking into account that we speak Spanish time.

Another toll-free number is 900 906 025, which also serves as a technical service for the Microsoft Store . We also find the 902 197 198, but keep in mind that this is not free because of the prefix, it carries special rates and they have their own cost per minute of call. In any case, you have the first free option and that is that companies are obliged to offer a free alternative option to 902 .

With an online agent

If you don’t like the phone, you have the possibility of contacting a Microsoft agent online , although here the response is not usually immediate, so you will have to wait. This way of contact, however, offers a very prominent limitation, you must summarize the problem.

The website that allows you to contact them in this way offers a box where you will have to describe your problem in 80 characters, so you must be concise and clear with your incident. It is a very short limit, but it seems that Microsoft believes that it is more than enough.

What you should do is write your problem on the web that we leave you and click on “get help” , then you have to follow the indicated steps and wait for a response from a Microsoft technician who can help you solve your question, incident, etc.

Web: Contact agent

In the Microsoft Community

The Microsoft Community is another alternative channel so that they can help you solve doubts of all kinds, with licenses, with Office programs, with Windows itself or another utility or service. The difference is that users and also a technician can answer you here.

What you have to do is enter the corresponding section of the forum and express your specific question, you must log in with your Microsoft account on the web that we leave you below and you will begin to participate, then you only have to wait a few hours or days for you respond.

Web: Microsoft Community

Via twitter

Microsoft has several Twitter accounts, but has created one specifically dedicated to answering questions called @MicrosoftAyuda , which is just another technical support option in which any user with their Twitter profile can contact them.

You can raise your question publicly, which means that other users will see it, or by private message so that it only remains between you and the Microsoft technician. This possibility is available from Monday to Sunday from 8 in the morning to 9 at night.

Now, being a contact method that many users resort to, you should bear in mind that the answer could take a few hours or days since before you you will surely have a queue of users to answer your questions, so be patient.

There are several methods to contact Microsoft , the telephone is the fastest and, often, the most effective because on the fly they can offer you the solution, that in case they respond quickly because you can also wait several minutes, although If you prefer, you can make use of the rest of the alternatives.

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