How to contact Cricket customer care

You will need to contact Cricket customer service if you have a problem or just a question with this wireless service that offers mobile rates, so let’s see what options you have to talk to an operator.

Cricket is not only limited to offering different postpaid plans for a mobile line with 5G calls and data , but also has a catalog of smartphones of almost all brands available to its customers in case you want to change your mobile and buy a new one.

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For example, it could be a good store to buy a cheap iPhone in the United States . In addition, you have access to a small catalog of accessories for smartphones (covers, headphones, etc.) in case you want to complement the purchase of the phone. In any case, doubts can always arise about the service or the purchase of a telephone or other things.

Cricket makes available to customers a “Help” section on the web to solve common and simple questions , where you will have access to a multitude of questions that you could ask yourself at some point with its answer so that you can clarify your doubts. If not, Cricket has several ways to contact you as you can see.

Via Twitter

You can contact Cricket via Twitter using the @CricketSupport account . It is an official support account of the operator that will help you from 8 am to 9 pm, it is enough to mention them from your Twitter account and ask them the question in a public tweet.

In that case, your question will be seen by everyone and should be answered in a short time. You also have the option of writing them a private message if you do not want your question or incident to be public, they should also give you an answer in a short time, possibly in a few days.

By phone

It is also possible to contact Cricket by phone , you have at your disposal the number 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or simply 611, both can be dialed from your own phone. The hours of availability are from Monday to Saturday from 9 in the morning to 9 at night.

You must take into account that it is Eastern time, so it is important to check before calling if you are within the calling hours, if you are in another region of the United States, if not, you would have to wait the next day until that you can call again

Through a chat

Cricket also has a chat available on its website , although unlike the phone or the Twitter account, through the chat you can solve simple questions, since an automatic chatbot will answer you. In this case you have to enter the website that you see below and click on “chat now”.

You can do it from Monday to Saturday from 9 in the morning to 11 at night, but also on Sunday from 10 in the morning to 11 at night. Through the chat, you will open a conversation with a chatbot that will guide you with your incidence or doubt that you have.

The most convenient and fastest way to contact Cricket is by phone, although you also have the options of Twitter and the chatbot, but you can also avoid contacting them if your question is resolved with some of the issues raised in the “Help” section of their website.


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