How to contact Facebook For Customer Support

Want to know how to contact Facebook if you need customer support? Here is a simple guide to contacting Facebook in seconds.Using social networks has now become very simple, increasingly intuitive interfaces and internal tutorials on how to best manage every difficulty allow you to be calm. However, you are not always lucky enough to find the right answer to the problem and contacting the support of the platform is the only alternative to solve it.

Among the social networks that have an assistance service there is Facebook, where you can be assisted in different ways, be they direct or indirect. In the next lines we will see how to contact Facebook and the different methods to do it, make sure you have some time available and with patience we will be able to solve even the most intricate problem.

How to contact Facebook if you need customer support.

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  • Facebook customer support? Here’s how to contact her in seconds
    • Contact Facebook online
    • How can I contact Facebook by phone
    • How to send email to Facebook
    • Contact Facebook support via chat
    • Other ways to contact Facebook
  • Contact Facebook for problems
    • How to contact Facebook for blocked account
    • How to contact Facebook about hacked account

Facebook customer support? Here’s how to contact her in seconds

Before starting to explain how to contact Facebook support, it is advisable to clarify how we will deal with the topic. The methods for contacting Facebook are different and in order not to confuse you we will divide them into several paragraphs in order to facilitate the option that is most congenial to you.

Contact Facebook online

If you have an active Internet connection and are able to log into Facebook without problems, then you can think of contacting Facebook through the official help center . You probably don’t know that there is a dedicated section that allows you to incorporate most of the problems on the platform and compare them with the community.

First of all, log into your account and go to the official page of the Facebook Help Center , from your mobile device you can find it by going to the menu (three horizontal lines)> Assistance and support> Help Center . As it is easy to deduce in the center of the web page you will find a search bar and on the left of the specific areas by topic.We advise you to try first by choosing a topic with the category close to the problem encountered, and if there is no correlation to search in the central bar.

In cases where the solution proposed for each category was not useful to you, you can press in Was it helpful? on the No button and choose in What problem did you encounter? one of the proposed items.A window will open. Can you tell us more? in which you can fill in a form to fill out but it will not have an answer and press the Submit button .To contact the Facebook Help Center for Business Profiles and Advertising Accounts, the link is as follows: .

Report a problem

If you need answers, still in Assistance and support , click on the Report a problem button , select from the proposed list where you found the problem and in the Send report window , describe the problem in the appropriate field, Add an image and press in up on the Submit button (airplane icon).

To report more, click on these links:

  • Report violation of privacy
  • Report copyright infringement
  • Report with request to make an account commemorative
  • Report inappropriate or offensive content
  • Report Spam

How can I contact Facebook by phone.

Did the title of the paragraph cheer you up? Being able to contact the blue platform directly with a call wouldn’t be bad, don’t you think? Unfortunately, the service is only available in the United States and in Italy we have to settle for other solutions.

But maybe you speak English very well and have a tariff plan that allows you to communicate all over the world at no additional cost, why not give it a try? In order for you to call Facebook support, all you have to do is call +1 6505434800 , it will put you in contact with the main office located in the United States of America. Alternatively you can try the European office number +353 (0) 1 653 5373 .

You can also call with a pay-as-you-go rate, but you must necessarily inquire about the costs based on the telephone operator with which you have the line. It is usually not so convenient to do this, so we recommend that you first take a look at the other contact methods and only if necessary turn to the telephone solution.

How to send email to Facebook;Contact Facebook Via Email.

If you love to write e-mails I’m sorry to inform you that even in this case there is no quick or direct way to contact Facebook. Many years ago, when the platform was not yet known, there was an official email with which to contact Facebook, but it was removed due to the exaggerated number of complaints. Today, therefore, you are bound to other resolution methods, which, as you may have noticed, are getting smaller and smaller since the well-known website does not particularly like direct assistance.

However, we must underline that there is an alternative solution that includes receiving a response via Facebook e-mail, in fact they can write to you via Messenger. You will need to fill out a support form or write for abuse or privacy to the addresses respectively: [email protected] and [email protected] .

Other emails you can try to consider are:

Obviously, don’t expect an immediate response, or at least imagine it as a last resort. We recommend that you send a report of abuse or privacy information from the e-mail with which you registered on the platform, Facebook does not take into account the e-mail addresses from users who are not registered on this social network.

You will have to write in both English and Italian (for English you can get help from Google Translate ), and if you have difficulty remembering the e-mail address with which you signed up to the platform, you can retrieve it by going to Settings> General , at Contact Information item .

Contact Facebook support via chat;How to contact Facebook.

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Nowadays all the most famous applications are equipped with a direct chat assistance service, the convenience of communicating through a bot first and then a physical assistant can significantly reduce problem resolution times.First of all it is essential to know that Facebook only responds to those who have a Facebook Business Manager profile ; therefore, if you are not in this category and have never advertised with the platform it is practically impossible to get help via chat.

You may have noticed how the most open website in the world has particularly stringent policies, but leaving aside this issue and assuming that you are a lucky owner of a Business account, let’s see how you can take advantage of the assistance service offered.

Open your web browser and type , you will be projected to the support page directly. From here, in the center of the page, you will find the word Find answers and contact support ; click on First steps , located on the right with the blue button.

Click on the Contact Advertising Support button , under the Need help with ads? Section . On the next page of How we can help you , follow the directions to fill out the form, describe the problem, and request assistance.This page from mobile devices can be reached by downloading the Facebook Business Suite app for Android and iOS and going to the Menu (three horizontal lines)> Help Center .

Report a problem in the Ads Manager.

If, on the other hand, you are running a Facebook campaign and want to contact support, access the Facebook Ads Manager and, at the bottom right, click on the Report a problem button . From mobile you need to download the Facebook Ads app for Android and iOS .

After pressing Report a problem, a menu with 2 items will open:

  • Report a problem: in this case you can fill out a form explaining the problem in as much detail as possible, entering your company email and attaching a screenshot or video. At the end, click on Send report and wait for a reply.
  • Ask a question or get help: You can get help from a Facebook Ads team or support resources.

On mobile you find these options Report a problem and Help Center in the menu with the three horizontal lines .

Other ways to contact Facebook;How to contact Facebook

Other ways to contact Facebook are:

  • By sending an e-mail to the physical address of the office in Italy at: Piazza Missori, 2 – 20100 Milan.
  • By sending a mail to the physical address of the European headquarters at: Hanover Reach 5-7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland.
  • Always writing by mail to the Facebook administrative office located in the United States at: 1601 S. California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94304.

Contact Facebook for problems;How to contact Facebook

In the previous lines we took a look at how to contact Facebook if you need customer support for a problem or for information, but as you may have noticed you will often find yourself bouncing off a rubber wall. However, there are problems that usually repeat themselves and are therefore faced by users and by Facebook often in a different way, that is, with dedicated sections. This is the case of blocked and hacked accounts, let’s see how you can contact Facebook for such problems.

How to contact Facebook for blocked account

To solve this problem you can opt for a truly effective solution: filling out a form.To unlock your account, all you have to do is start your web browser, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or other, and type the following URL . On this web page you will need to enter the e-mail address with which you created the account on Facebook, your name and surname and finally an identity document in JPEG format . Click on Send and wait.

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