How to contact Amazon Wardrobe customer service?

In the short time that Amazon Wardrobe has, there have already been many doubts on the part of users . Each of them faces a different problem without knowing the solution.

Fortunately for everyone, this new Amazon Prime service has its own customer support system. This time we will show you how to use it and what it can be used for.

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  1. What can you do in Amazon customer service?
    1. Review your orders
    2. Returns and refunds
    3. Payments and gift cards
    4. Manage your Prime account
  2. What is the way to contact Amazon Wardrobe customer service?
    1. Is the call free?

What can you do in Amazon customer service?

The options within Amazon customer service are very varied. Here we are going to compile the most frequent ones and the ones that you can get the most out of .

Review your orders

One of the most common functions used with Amazon Wardrobe customer service is checking on orders. In other words, check the current status of any clothing item you have ordered.

This option is especially useful if you feel that the order in question has been long delayed. Amazon usually has an optimal delivery time , although anything could happen.

In that case, with this service you can confirm that the order is already on its way and discover if there have been any problems along the way. This way you will be less anxious with your purchase.

Returns and refunds

Like any good service company, Amazon Wardrobe also has its return and refund system. And this can be requested from customer service.

For returns, of course, there must be a factor that justifies them. For example, if you have received your order for clothing with some material damage. In that case, you can contact the service to explain your case and have them accept the return or send you other items .

Payments and gift cards

Payments and gift cards are a rarely used option when contacting customer service. However, that has not stopped it from being enabled .

As is well known, gift cards are something very commonly used on the Amazon platform. Amazon Wardrobe, although it is new, is no stranger to it, so you can take advantage of them with this service as well.

Manage your Prime account

We know that having an Amazon Prime account is vital if you want to enjoy the Amazon Wardrobe service, which is actually an extension of it .

Well, one of the benefits of customer service is being able to manage your Prime account. This in case you have a serious problem and cannot access it directly from your devices.

That way you can solve any inconvenience that is preventing you from acquiring your clothes . It will take a short time, and in the end you will avoid getting frustrated trying to fix it on your own.

What is the way to contact Amazon Wardrobe customer service?

There are several alternatives to contact Amazon Wardrobe customer service, but the most efficient and safest is to do it through a call .

Previously, Amazon had a few phone numbers that any customer could call. Unfortunately, that has changed. None of them are active anymore.

Although that does not mean that this option has been lost . What happens is that now you have to follow another procedure, reflected in the following steps:

  • Go to the Amazon contact pageand select an order.
  • Click on an option within “Tell us more”, and click again on the second drop-down.
  • In the box that appears below, click on “ How would you like to contact us? ”.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and choose the phone call option. You will see that an estimated time for the call appears.
  • Next, you must select a country and the telephone number you want to be called to.
  • Click on ” Call me now“, and wait for the call.

Is the call free?

Yes, the call is free . Amazon will not charge you anything to take advantage of their customer service system . They will cover the cost.

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