How to contact Amazon customer service

Amazon is characterized as one of the largest companies in terms of sales, so people access it in order to make their purchases virtually. That is why customer service is effective and covers different areas. In turn, they provide different ways of contact so that they can attend to you in the way you prefer.

The contact channels can be found by entering the platform. They from their website enable a chat so you can make a query. If the query is related to an order, you must access the Amazon platform , specifically the contact page. Then select your order and various options will appear that may be useful to you.

Among the options about what you want to consult, you can be informed about the location of your order , you can report if you have a problem with the item you bought or if you want to make a change. You can also request returns or report something that seems suspicious to you.

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  1. How can I update my Amazon email?
  2. What is the procedure to change your Amazon password?
    1. From PC
    2. From the mobile app
  3. How can I get my Amazon account back if it was blocked?
  4. Is there another way to get my Amazon account back?

How can I update my Amazon email?

To update the email, you must access your Amazon account . Once there, you have to select “login and security”. In the settings you will find the option “edit” which you must click. There are a number of steps to update your email and save your changes. Finally click on “Finished” and that’s it.

What is the procedure to change your Amazon password?

The procedure to change your Amazon password can be done without any problems from the website or from the mobile application. That is, you can run the steps from any device.

From PC

To change the Amazon password from the computer you must first access the website . There is an option called ” Password Help ” which will provide you with the means to reset it.

In the indicated field you must write your email or phone number affiliated with the Amazon account . In this way you can get an email or a text message with a temporary or one-time password.

You must enter the password, click on the “continue” button and proceed to create an access password for your account. The process to activate it will be done automatically and instantly.

From the mobile app

If you don’t have the Amazon app on your device, you can download it from Google Play or iOS. Once you have the App you must enter it and log into your account . Then in the upper left part the menu bar appears and you will select “My account”. In it you will find the option of “login and security”.

In the section that says ” Password ” you must press the button to edit and enter the current password. Finally write your new password and press the option ” Save changes ” to finish.

How can I get my Amazon account back if it was blocked?

If Amazon blocked your account, it is most likely that it was for security , either by entering wrong data regarding your cards, sending products that you buy to many addresses or even buying products very often.

If this happens, Amazon will send you an email with the information so you can recover your account . To do this you have to send a fax with the requested personal data. These data will be the full name, email, telephone number, last movements of the credit or debit card, among others that they request.

Is there another way to get my Amazon account back?

Amazon provides other options for you to recover your account . You can contact Amazon through the customer service phone or the website chat accessing with your email.

They will be in charge of asking a series of questions and requesting data to carry out the recovery process and for you to access the account.

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