How to connect Alexa to PC

The Amazon echo speakers are first of all excellent speakers to reproduce music and sounds in general and their modularity extends their uses to infinity. For example, you can connect the Alexa speaker to your TV or connect it to your mobile phone and, if you didn’t know it yet, you can easily connect it to your PC as well. In this very short guide I will explain how to connect Alexa to the PC via Bluetooth connection or directly via the AUX cable.

But just chat and let’s get straight to the point by explaining how to use Alexa as a PC speaker.


  • How to connect Alexa to PC
  • Alexa connection to PC via AUX cable
  • Alexa connection to PC via Bluetooth

How to connect Alexa to PC

As I told you you can connect Alexa to your PC via AUX cable or via Bluetooth connection; we see both solutions

Alexa connection to PC via AUX cable

If you have a new generation Echo Plus or Echo device then you can connect Alexa to the PC directly via AUX cable; these two devices in fact have an AUX output that works both in input (to use the echo as a speaker) and in output (to transmit music from the echo to other devices). What you will have to do is get an aux cable and connect it on one side to the aux output of your echo device and on the other side to the AUX output of your PC (typically green).

Alexa connection to PC via Bluetooth

All echo devices work like a common Bluetooth speaker; you can then take advantage of the Bluetooth transmission to connect Alexa to the PC. Once connected to the PC you can use the speaker to listen to music and watch movies.

Echo devices only support one active Bluetooth connection at a time so if you have already set up other connections, you will first need to say the voice command “Alexa, disconnect Bluetooth”.

At this point, just say the voice command and tell Alexa the voice command “Alexa, connect Bluetooth device” to put it in pairing mode.

Now you will need to act on the PC to connect it to Alexa. To connect Alexa to the PC, if you have Windows, you will have to click on the right side of the windows bar on the Bluetooth symbol to activate the connection and confirm in the window that opens that you want to connect to the echo device. If, on the other hand, you have a Mac computer, you will have to open the system settings (by clicking on the icon with the gear symbol) and then click on the Bluetooth icon; in the window that opens, your Amazon echo will appear after a few seconds and you will have to click on it to connect Alexa to the PC.

Alternatively, activate Bluetooth on your PC and then open the Alexa app from your mobile phone; from the app open the left menu by clicking on the button at the top left with 3 lines

  • Select Settings
  • Select devices
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Click Pair new deviceand select your PC
  • At this point your device is paired and to connect it just say the voice command ” Alexa connect” to connect the device

If you encounter any problems connecting your echo with the PC via bluetooth then try to consult the Amazon support pages and also try to reset your echo device.

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