How to connect Alexa to mobile

Do you have an Amazon echo device and do you mainly use it to listen to music? Did you know that you can easily connect your echo to your mobile to play music? In this guide I will explain how to connect Alexa to your mobile to listen to music. The procedure is extremely simple so it won’t take you a lot of time. Let’s get started right away!

Connect Alexa to your mobile

Your Amazon echo among the many functions it offers you can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker . There are many reasons why you want to play music from your mobile on echo, it immediately comes to mind for example that Spotify free version does not work on Amazon echo so you need to play it from your mobile or you want to play mp3 or YouTube music from your mobile. Whatever the motivation, connecting Alexa to your mobile is extremely simple. All you need to do is:

  • enable the Bluetooth connectionon your mobile phone. On Android click on settings, Connected Devices and activate Bluetooth; on iphone go to settings, Bluetooth and activate it
  • tell Alexa the voice command “Alexa, connect Bluetooth device”to put it into pairing mode
  • from your mobile phone select the echo device that will be detected. Alexa will confirm the successful connection with a message.

At this point your device has been paired and connected to your Amazon echo device and you can immediately start playing music.

There is a second way to connect the echo to the mobile and it is done through the Alexa app. In this case:

  • Open the Alexa app from your mobile
  • Open the left menu by clicking on the top left button with 3 lines
  • Select Settings
  • Select devices
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Click Pair new deviceand select your mobile
  • At this point your device is paired and to connect it just say the voice command ” Alexa connect” to connect the device

If something doesn’t work properly, make sure your mobile phone is close enough to the echo show device you want to connect to and that it has Bluetooth on.

If you are unable to solve the communication problems of your echo with the mobile phone via bluetooth then try to consult the Amazon support pages and also try to reset your echo device.

To disconnect the device, just say the voice command “Alexa Disconnect Bluetooth device “ . Keep in mind that Alexa can only connect with one Bluetooth device at a time, so if you need to pair a new one, you will first need to disconnect the old one.

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