How to connect Alexa with Spotify

Are you perhaps looking for how to connect Alexa with Spotify ? Here is the guide to connect Spotify to Alexa in the fastest way and without making mistakes.

The ease of use of a voice assistant allows multiple devices to interact with each other. In addition to turning on the house lights or online searches for your favorite recipe, it is possible to implement voice commands that allow additional functions.

These features include connecting your voice assistant to applications installed on your smartphone or other smart devices in your home such as the Amazon Echo . And what better link than the one on a music application?

You will surely want to start some background music and maybe if you were busy you didn’t do it so as not to waste time. Thanks to voice commands you can eliminate this problem and enjoy your favorite music. Today, in fact, we will understand how to connect Alexa with Spotify .


  • Guide to connect Spotify to Alexa in the fastest way possible
    • Android and iOS
    • Computer
  • How to play a playlist from Spotify on Alexa
  • Link two Spotify accounts to Alexa
  • Useful commands for using Spotify with Alexa
  • How to disconnect Spotify from Alexa
    • Android and iOS
    • Computer
  • Why Spotify Doesn’t Work on Alexa
  • Spotify alternatives for Alexa

Guide to connect Spotify to Alexa in the fastest way possible

Although it may be obvious information, we warn you that you necessarily need a Premium account to connect Alexa to Spotify. The standard cost of Spotify in its Premium version is € 9.99 per month , but if you have never signed up for a subscription you will have the option of using it for thirty days for free or for three months for € 1.99.

Once in possession of the Premium version, let’s see how to connect Spotify on Alexa both from your smartphone and from your computer.

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Android and iOS

If your desire is to connect Alexa to your tablet or smartphone then the first step is to download the Amazon Alexa app for Android or iOS and immediately afterwards start the app.

Now go to the Settings section , reachable by pressing on the three horizontal lines superimposed at the bottom right under the item Other , and select the Music and Podcast option .

Here you will see different solutions, if Spotify is not present, in the Services section , tap the Connect a new service option and on the next page step on Spotify .

To listen to Spotify music and podcasts on Alexa, press the Enable button for use .

At this point, a Login window will open on the page where you can log in by entering the data of your Spotify account or directly those of Facebook, Apple or Google. Press on Sign in and authorize the connection between Alexa and Spotify .

However, you are not fully connected yet, in fact Spotify is not the default music software for the Amazon Echo. To change the startup software you need to go to the Settings> Music and Podcasts section and in the Settings section, tap on Default Services . Choose the Spotify item and press the End button .


The procedure for connecting Alexa to Spotify is very similar even on a computer; then, we will outline the guidelines faster to get you to reach the goal right away.

Open your browser, be it Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Opera and go to the Amazon Alexa page . Log in with Amazon data and open the Settings section on the bar located on the left. Scroll the web page to the area called Alexa Preferences and double click with the left mouse button on Music and Media .

If Spotify Music Services is not listed, go to the left menu on Music, Videos and Books and search for Spotify . Click on it and then press the Activate button . Connect your account on by entering the login data of the music app and then press the Accept button .

After Amazon Alexa will confirm that a Skill Spotify has been connected successfully.

At this point we have to make Spotify default as an application, just go to Settings , then on Music and multimedia content , press the Select default music services button . Now choose Spotify and click on Finish .

How to play a playlist from Spotify on Alexa

Now that you’ve connected your voice assistant to Spotify and set it as your default program, you can start using it to play your favorite songs and playlists.

First of all you need to create a playlist on Spotify , you can do it quickly by starting the application, pressing on Your library at the bottom right and then selecting Create playlist in the music section. Give the playlist a name and tap Create . To start it, just say one of the following sentences:

  • Alexa, start playlist -playlist name-;
  • Alexa, start personal playlist -playlist name-;
  • Alexa, play songs from my playlist – playlist name.

Try to give your playlist simple names to avoid receiving problems.

Link two Spotify accounts to Alexa

Maybe you are a well-rounded music lover and have more than one Spotify account, how can you link two accounts to Alexa?

Unfortunately, there is no good news on that. Spotify, even in its best version, allows you to connect only one account at a time to forward voice commands . You can still add multiple Spotify accounts to Amazon at the same time, but you can only assign one that accepts the commands. As seen above, Alexa accepts a single default software from which it draws information .

Useful commands for using Spotify with Alexa

Using Alexa is really very simple, but as you know very well, the secret of perfect functioning is more in the way you formulate the question and the commands than in the tone of the voice. For this reason, as for other applications, there are some particularly useful commands to pronounce to have the maximum performance from Alexa connected to Spotify . Here are the most interesting ones.

The phrase Alexa recognizes most easily is:

  • Alexa, put on some music.
  • Alexa, start Spotify

The songs will start at a supersonic speed.

You can also use:

  • Alexa, what song is this ?;
  • Alexa, play the Lo-Fi playlist;
  • Alexa, change song;
  • Alexa, play the last song by Caparezza (or another singer of your choice).

How to disconnect Spotify from Alexa

We went through the process of how to connect Alexa with Spotify , but if you don’t need them anymore how can you disconnect them? The resolution is really very fast, let’s see it in detail.

Android and iOS

Open the Amazon Alexa app for Android or iOS and go to Other , at the bottom right, then to Settings and then to Music and Podcasts . Press on the Spotify option and then on the Deactivate Skill button , confirm the command by pressing again on Deactivate .


Connect to the Amazon Alexa page from your browser and go to the Settings section that you find in the control panel on the left. Now click with the left mouse button, in the Alexa Preferences section , on Music and multimedia content . Click on the Spotify option and then on the Deactivate Skill button . Click Deactivate Skill again to confirm the operation.

Why Spotify Doesn’t Work on Alexa

Not all smart devices respond perfectly to your commands, so you’ll need to be ready when your Echo doesn’t cooperate. Here are the most common reasons for an Alexa malfunction.

Ambient Noises : Most communication problems with Alexa are due to ambient noises not allowing the internal microphones to capture the sound of your voice properly. Among the most annoying noises are those of the fan and the air conditioner; therefore, move your smart device away from these sources of disturbance.

Alexa offline : Sometimes the Alexa software may experience a momentary freeze due to a failed update or a disconnection from the network. In this case, restarting the device is a solution.

Alexa activates itself : in this case there is interference, do not keep the voice assistant close to radio waves, such as microwaves, or an older generation radio.

Spotify alternatives for Alexa

The cost of Spotify Premium may perhaps limit you in wanting to use it all year round. In case you are looking for valid alternatives, fortunately there are several and quality ones too. In addition to Amazon Music, the most popular alternatives are: Deezer , Tim Music and Apple Music.

To connect them to your Alexa account, just follow the procedure we analyzed previously, choosing one of these as the default application instead of Spotify. If you have an Amazon Prime plan we recommend you try Amazon Music Unlimited , it is the most complete solution to compete with Spotify.

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