How To Configure the Echo Stereo speakers

With Alexa you can combine different speakers to create groups of speakers and play the same music from different devices but you can do more. In fact, if you have two identical echo devices (for example two echo dots) you can configure the Echo Stereo speakers, i.e. pair the two devices as if they were stereo speakers. Like? I’ll explain it to you very quickly in this little guide.

Configure the Echo Stereo speakers

As I had anticipated you can create a stereo pair with Alexa only between two echo devices of the same model (for example two echo dots or two echo plus), in fact you cannot pair echo speakers of different models (for example an echo plus with an echo dot ). If you have two different echo models you can only create a group of speakers to play music simultaneously on multiple devices (but not stereo).

Having said this, let’s see immediately how to create a stereo pair with Alexa; the entire procedure will take place from your smartphone via the Alexa app so if you do not yet have the app installed you can download it from the official store ( Apple store for iOS and google play store for Android ); obviously the two devices you want to pair in stereo must already have been initialized.

To configure the Echo Stereo speakers, open the Alexa application from your smartphone and click on the devices  button  (the button at the bottom right) and then click on the “+” button at the top right.

in the menu that opens, select the item Configure the audio system and then Stereo pair .

Now you just have to follow the instructions on the screen step by step (you will have to select which devices you want to create a stereo pair with Alexa) and at the end you will have to assign a name to the stereo group created.

Once you are done setting up the Echo Stereo speakers you can position the two devices so that the sound is optimal. If you have decided to create a stereo pair with Alexa with echo dot devices I suggest you keep them at a distance of no more than 3 meters from each other while if you have decided to pair echo speakers with superior quality (for example echo plus) you can also increase the distance. between the paired speakers.

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