How to connect Xiaomi bulbs to Alexa

Voice Assistant Alexa has been a big hit over the last few years, making homes around the world smarter. Connecting the light bulbs to Alexa allows you to control the lights with simple voice commands. However, if you have purchased Xiaomi smart bulbs you may encounter some difficulties in the configuration. No problem, however, because in this short guide I will explain how to connect Xiaomi bulbs to Alexa with a few very simple steps.

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulbs are fantastic because they offer you a good light (800 lumens) but at the same time they can color the whole house with many different shades of colors, creating incredible atmospheres for every situation.

I have also dwelt too much in the preambles so let’s get straight to the point!


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Connect Xiaomi bulbs to Alexa

The procedure for connecting Xiaomi bulbs to Alexa turns out to be slightly more complex than the rest of the smart bulbs because you will first have to connect with a smartphone to the ad hoc Wifi network of the Xiaomi bulb to be able to configure it and then you will have to configure the Xiaomi skill for Alexa. But let’s proceed in order and see the first step.

Xiaomi light bulb configuration

The first thing you will need to do to connect Xiaomi bulbs to Alexa is to configure your Wifi network in the bulbs; to do this you will need to download the Xiaomi Home app on your smartphone (available for both Android and iOS ).

After downloading the app you have to start it and register if you do not yet have a Xiaomi account. When you open the app you will be asked to allow the app to use localization; you agree if you want to use geolocation in the future to automate some routines; in addition to this you will also have to authorize the app to use Bluetooth. Once you have selected the country, click on Create Account and follow the instructions.

Once registration is complete, press the button at the top with the + symbol and select the Xiaomi bulb model you want to associate.

Now you will have to make the association of the light bulb; to do this connect the light bulb and turn it on and off quickly for 5 times or in any case until you see its light flash; at this point from the app click on Next .

Now follow the on-screen instructions on the app; you will basically have to connect to the ad hoc WiFi network created by the light bulb and finally create a name for the light bulb.

Connect light bulb to Alexa

At this point the light bulb has been associated with the Xiaomi account and you can immediately control it with the app but it has not yet been associated with your Amazon account. In fact, to connect Xiaomi bulbs to Alexa, you have to take the last step; you will need to install the Xiaomi skill on Alexa and associate the light bulb with your Alexa account.

So to connect Xiaomi bulbs to Alexa open the Alexa app and install the Xiaomi skill ; you will have to press on the button with three lines at the top left; a menu will open where you will have to select skills and games and from here write in the Xiaomi search box.

Once the skill is activated, enter the user and password of your Xiaomi account and once the account is associated you will have completed the procedure to connect Xiaomi bulbs to Alexa.

At this point you will be able to use the normal Alexa commands for the bulbs; in this guide you will find the list of commands.

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