How to connect a tablet to a TV or monitor

The tablet has become a real mobile workstation. You can walk anywhere with it, but its display is not always enough to complete tasks. For example, when working with large tables, it is difficult to work with cells, or when editing a video, the features of the footage are not visible.

That is why many users are worried about the question: “Is it possible to connect the tablet to a TV or PC monitor?” Of course you can. How to do this is described below.

Broadcasting from tablet to TV and monitor: special recommendations

To transfer photos, videos or other moments from a small screen to a large one, you should be patient and have a set of cables (if necessary).

There are five ways to connect a TV or monitor to a tablet :

  • via USB,
  • using an HDMI wire,
  • USB-MHL adapter,
  • using an RCA cable,
  • wireless sync.

It remains to choose the most optimal method, study the instructions for it and you can evaluate the quality of the broadcasts.

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Connecting the tablet to a TV via USB, HDMI and other wire

The information from this section will be useful to those who have not purchased a SMART TV, and who use a standard TV without Internet access.

Having chosen the right cable for the existing connectors, the synchronization process will take a couple of seconds. But what kind of wire to pick up and what to do with it next is described in the text.

If you choose USB

By connecting the tablet to the TV via a USB cable, the first one will glow like a big flash drive. You won’t be able to play games and stream content from the screen, but it will work to get access to all the files inside.

How to do it? Take a USB cable, connect both devices and set up the signal reception on the TV. This happens differently for each model. To find out how to connect in a particular case, you need to find the section “Connecting USB-drives” in the instructions and follow it.

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HDMI connection

Using the tablet as a second monitor via HDMI is most justified. This method is taken into account most often. It guarantees the ideal signal level as well as digital image transmission. Synchronization via HDMI allows you to broadcast not only the picture, but also the sound. The quality is excellent, without interference, noise, “snow” on the screen. No additional settings are required.

The action takes place in several stages:

  1. Check if the tablet has an HDMI connector.
  2. Find the same port on TV (equipment may have multiple HDMI ports).
  3. Take an HDMI2HDMI cable such as HDMI 2.1 Belkin (AM / AM) Ultra High Speed ​​2m.

Connect one end to the TV, the other to the tablet. Gadgets “find” each other automatically.

If something went wrong and there is no signal, you can help the devices by changing the settings manually. Sometimes devices additionally offer to select the display resolution.

Some tablet models may not have standard HDMI, but mini or micro format. There is no tragedy in this, the connection technology remains the same. You just need to select a cable with connectors of the appropriate size.

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USB-MHL adapter

Relevant when both devices are equipped with MHL. This is a kind of mix of HDMI and USB functionality. Developed software for fast synchronization of mobile gadgets with external devices (TV and PC). MHL transmits video and sound in Full HD quality. Everything that shows the tablet display is “cloned” on the big screen.

Wondering how to connect your tablet to your TV (eg SAMSUNG 43TU7100 ) via MHL? For the attention of users, a detailed guide is presented below:

  • Purchase a USB C to HDMI cable (such as Belkin’s HDMI 2.1 ).
  • Take a close look at the set of ports on the TV case. The MHL-HDMI connector has an inscription or marking (in the latter case, it is advisable to check the data sheet).
  • Connect the connectors to the corresponding socket on the tablet and TV.

Choosing the MHL-HDMI port on the TV, it will be possible not only to mirror the video in excellent quality, but also to simultaneously power the tablet battery with a charge (a suitable model is Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 ). Convenient, because in this case the gadget will not go out at the most inopportune moment. Another plus of this connection: the picture is broadcast synchronously, without the slightest delay.

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The principle of using an RCA cable

It is worth using synchronization if the TV does not have HDMI jacks or if they are all already “working” on connecting the TV to other devices. Then it is logical to connect the tablet to the TV through the “tulip”. The method is simple, but not devoid of a minus. The disadvantage is that the signal is broadcast in the analog TV format, that is, the picture on the screen will not be as high-quality as with an HDMI connection.

If the minus did not become an obstacle, then to the point. Task number 1 – buy an HDMI-RCA converter, then:

  • choose a suitable HDMI2HDMI cable, as well as a cable with “tulips” (like 2E 3RCA Plug -3RCA Plug, Al, 1.8m) at the end;
  • connect the converter and the tablet with an HDMI wire;
  • connect “tulips” to a TV and a converter (be sure to take into account the colors of the ports, because each of them has its own function. For example, white is responsible for sound).

No additional manipulation is required. The only advice – before choosing this method, it is not superfluous to make sure that the RCA ports on the TV are free. They are located on the back or side of the vehicle body.

Wireless connection between tablet and TV

Owners of SMART-TV can rejoice: they will not need any additional cords to connect. The Wi-Fi adapter provided in the TV is used.

There are 2 ways to connect your tablet to your TV wirelessly via Wi-Fi. The difference is sorted out in the table:

Nuances Wi-Fi Direct Wi-Fi Miracast
Preparation Check if the tablet and TV support this technology
Installation Launch Wi-Fi Direct on your tablet. Then go to the TV settings: the “Network” tab – the “Wi-Fi Direct” item – “Activate” Go to TV settings, item “Network”, activate Miracast. Turn on the Wi-Fi module on the tablet. Go to the menu, item “Wireless display” – “Enable”. Select the TV model name that appears on the screen, confirm the connection
Additional settings Not required. The TV will automatically “find” the tablet and connect wirelessly Subsequent connections will occur without verification
A mirror image of the tablet display appears on the TV
pros Fast, no need to install additional software Wi-Fi Miracast technology supports Full HD video over the air and 5-channel audio
Minuses No Apple iOS gadgets do not support Miracast technology. Android OS must be at least 4.2 Jelly Bean

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Can I connect a monitor to a tablet?

The situation is completely analogous to connecting the tablet to TV. You can synchronize equipment with an HDMI or MHL cable.


It is necessary to perform exactly the same steps as when connecting a tablet (for example, such as Lenovo Tab M10 Plus ) to a TV. Choosing the right cable is based on the size of the port. Then the devices are connected with a cord and “Voila!”

Via micro-USB and MHL

As mentioned in one of the previous sections, MHL is analogous to HDMI. If the PC and tablet support the technology, no problem. The cord is connected to the right ports, synchronization occurs automatically. If necessary, use an adapter with a micro-USB to HDMI. Plus – the tablet is constantly being charged from the monitor.


Having figured out how to connect a tablet to a monitor or TV via HDMI, USB, or in other ways, you can already consider yourself an expert in this matter. All methods are simple, do not require extra skills or training. It is only important to take into account the available interfaces and choose the right “key” for them.

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