How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a tablet

The evolution of electronic equipment worldwide has undoubtedly been a great positive reality, improving the ease with which they are used every day, allowing us to save time and money, day after day better and better innovations emerge.

An example of this are bluetooth or wireless keyboards , which simply enhance use in a more immediate way, without the need for much effort.

With them we can do exactly the same functions as with a normal keyboard, there are many types and functions of keys , the only difference is that we will have greater comfort

And not only do keyboards have a bluetooth version, mouses or mice have also been created that have the same type of connection to other computers, and for the better, the same mouse can be used on two computers , thus being one of the favorite computers for users. users who day by day use PCs or tablets to carry out their activities or surf the internet.

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  1. Bluetooth keyboards Why are they more comfortable?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth keyboards
  3. How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a tablet
    1. First connection button (Microsoft transceiver)
    2. Turn on the keyboard
    3. Activate Bluetooth on Tablet
    4. Locate the devices
    5. Set up and link
  4. I can’t connect Bluetooth keyboard on tablet
    1. Linked to another device
    2. Restart the keyboard
  5. Tablet does not recognize my Bluetooth keyboard
    1. Check the Bluetooth

Bluetooth keyboards Why are they more comfortable?

These have had a great positive acclaim from the users , being the preferred ones, since a wired keyboard will not allow us to have the greater comfort than one through bluetooth, and of course they are much lighter, which allows full security to the user. use it.

They are also more aesthetic , and widely used by large companies to improve everything in the eyes of other people, which generates a higher quality.

It is no secret to anyone that sight is essential, if we see something creative and modern of course we will like it. That is why these keyboards have had a great advantage and demand for positive sales within the market, generating beneficial profits for their developers, and of course the buyer, since they obtain a product of high quality in every way

Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth keyboards

As all technological equipment contains its pros and cons, in this case, within the advantages, we have that we can connect keyboards and mice to our mobile , and that they do not require any type of wiring, which facilitates its use, therefore so much so they are more transportable than typical keyboards, which in their obligation need to be connected via cables to function and with various restrictions.

It also allows us to keep the area where we are working cleaner and more aesthetic, suitable for use, because these do not take up much space, depending on their size, there are also Apple wireless keyboards for PC , and they are more feasible when maintaining a distance from the tablet or computer that we are using.

Although in its disadvantages there is also the possibility of a bad connection, or interference at some point, and it should be noted that in some cases it depends on the brands, they are usually higher in terms of price.

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a tablet

One of the best tools to obtain a better utility when we are going to use technological equipment such as tablets is the use of bluetooth keyboards, since these facilitate writing in a great way.

The first thing we must do is enter ” bluetooth ” on our tablet and turn it on, then we enter the menu to search for devices, in this way: ” settings ”, then ” wireless connections ” and then ” settings of bluetooth ”.

Once our bluetooth is activated, we take the keyboard and place it in ” search mode ”, so that in this way it is visible and the process is made easier for us, then we press on ” search for nearby devices ” and wait a few seconds until it is visible.

Then, a pop-up message will appear that will ask us for a link, we will click there, and on the keyboard we press the ” enter ” key when we have done this, a window will appear indicating that the keyboard is already linked and activated, which means We can use it now , by doing this process, it will be easier to reconnect it later, since it will not need linking, but it will be done automatically and faster.

First connection button (Microsoft transceiver)

With the Microsoft Transceiver we can configure our device much  easier . First of all, we must select the first connection button to start a pop-up window where the Microsoft connection wizard will be shown. This will facilitate the association of the devices via bluetooth.

If you do not have this button, it is necessary to use the transceiver integrated in your PC. And in this way follow the steps that will be shown in the configuration of the Bluetooth Software of the PC.

Turn on the keyboard

For our keyboard to start its operation, it is only necessary to connect it to the USB port of our PC . Immediately it will turn on a green light indicating that it can be used. In the same way, if it has additional lighting, it is only necessary to press the F10 key and it will turn on its led lights for better operation.

Activate Bluetooth on Tablet

First you must go to the settings of your tablet . Later you must click on the option wireless connections and networks. And there a section that says bluetooth will be displayed, press there. If it is shifted to the right with the word if it means that it is on.

Locate the devices

Once our connection to Bluetooth is enabled, we only have to enter the connected devices section and immediately make sure that the other device also has the active connection. Verified this, you just have to click on pair device and that’s it.

Set up and link

Select in the first instance the device you want to link. When you do this, a code will be displayed on your screen that you must enter on the other device or in some cases both must select a matching password. After this, select the link option and voila it will appear in your list of linked devices.

I can’t connect Bluetooth keyboard on tablet

This can occur due to an error in the software of our device or, failing that, due to a bad execution of the configuration. For this reason it is necessary to be quite careful when pairing the devices.

Generally in most cases it is necessary to install an application that manages and verifies the operation and the link between the tablet and the keyboard.

Linked to another device

When there are several devices connected at the same time, we may get a pop-up window indicating that it is linked to another device. This can happen for two reasons, first because our linked list is already fully at its maximum level. Or failing that, because a configuration error occurs.

Restart the keyboard

For this you must press the Windows key , then press the CTRL> SHIFT> B commands. This will allow you to restart your keyboard and your graphics card. You can also do it using the CTRL> ALT> DEL option which becomes one of the user’s favorite shortcuts.

Tablet does not recognize my Bluetooth keyboard

For this it is necessary to install USB Host Controller , it is available in the Play Store and this should solve this very common problem. Otherwise, a tablet software update is necessary to optimize its operation and allow recognition of other devices.

Check the Bluetooth

For this, we only have to check each time we are going to use if it is activated. In order to avoid inconveniences when connecting. So always make sure to verify it before any action to be taken.


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