How to connect a keyboard to a tablet

A tablet is a convenient and mobile device that can partially replace a computer. It is lightweight, and therefore you can take such a device with you everywhere. But if you urgently need to write a letter or make edits to a document, it can be difficult without a keyboard. Can such a device be connected to an Android tablet? Of course yes. A detailed guide tells you how to implement your plans.

What are the types for keyboards for a tablet

Tablet keyboards are conventionally divided into types according to the way they connect to a gadget. There are 5 options in total:
1. USB-keyboard assumes connection using the appropriate connector. Such models are inexpensive, reliable, but they have some drawbacks. The disadvantages include an interfering cable and a busy socket: you cannot simultaneously use a tablet with such a keyboard and charge it.

  1. Bluetooth– comes out more expensive than the previous version, but the wires do not interfere, and the user can freely position himself as it is convenient. Manufacturers make models in various sizes – from small to full-size – and materials. So, there are bluetooth keyboards made of flexible silicone that are not afraid of dust and moisture.
    3. Wi-Fi is another wireless option for connecting the keyboard to the tablet. Its advantages are the same as those of bluetooth devices.
    4. A docking station with a keyboard is a handy thing, because you can only carry a tablet with you, and when returning home or to your office, put it on a docking station on the table. It also makes it possible to charge the gadget while you work.
  2. Cover-keyboard– can be connected both via bluetooth (such as Solar Folio ) and via USB. A convenient option if you need the keyboard to be always at hand. In addition, such an accessory protects the gadget from scratches and dust, and provides comfortable transportation. Covers are made of different materials: plastic, leather, silicone, fabrics with moisture-repellent impregnation. When choosing this option, it is important that the button slots and connectors match.

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Connection methods

Pairing a keyboard with an Android tablet is easy. The methods closely resemble the types of keys described above. Here is a detailed discussion of how to connect such a device to an Android tablet.
1. Wi-Fi wireless protocol

A convenient option for connecting an external keyboard, which will work automatically after the first synchronization and save you from unnecessary wires.

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  1. Connection via infrared port or Bluetooth

A couple more cool wireless connectivity options. However, it should be noted that the infrared connection is already outdated.

  1. Connect the mouse, keyboard to the tablet via a cable

A reliable, fast method, but hurts mobility: wires can get in the way. It is important to clarify: if the USB cable in the keyboard is of a standard size, that is, it is not equipped with microUSB, you will have to use an adapter or take another cord. But more on that below.

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How to connect the keyboard via infrared or Bluetooth

You can connect a keyboard to a tablet controlled by the Android OS using such modules, but only if they are installed in both devices. Since the bluetooth option is more common, you should first consider how to connect such a keyboard. Is it difficult? Not at all.

What should be done:

  • turn on bluetooth on the keys and tablet;
  • sync them up.

Everything. In subsequent times, the devices will sync automatically.
Connecting via radio (via infrared) is an outdated method. In modern models, it is almost never used. If the user got such a unique option, then the procedure will not differ from bluetooth connection in almost anything. If the infrared port is only on the tablet, and there are no other options for connecting an external peripheral device ( mouse , keys), then you will need an OTG adapter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Protocols
As with any type of connection, wireless options have both positive and negative sides.

pros Minuses
freedom of movement – no extra wires the quality of the connection depends on the range of the signal
you can charge your tablet while you work
ease of connection the battery is discharged faster
if the tablet supports multiple connections, you can connect several peripheral devices at the same time : for example, connect via bluetooth to the tablet and mouse, and keys

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Connecting a keyboard via a USB cable: when do you need an OTG adapter?

Connecting an accessory such as a keyboard to a tablet via USB is a simple matter. As a rule, the drivers are installed automatically. If the gadget does not see the connected device, you will have to tinker a little:

  • download a program with a keyboard from PlayMarket (there are many free ones there);
  • set this application as default in the input settings;
  • in the presets of the application, mark the item “external keyboard” and select the language of the layout;
  • reload the tablet.

Note : Settings may be named differently in different applications, but everything should be clear intuitively.

By purchasing a special peripheral device, the user receives a device with a microUSB cable. But to connect a regular keyboard to a tablet PC, you will need an OTG adapter, since almost all tablets support this type of connection.

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How to connect the keyboard to an Android tablet via OTG:

  1. Plug the adapter into the device using the micro USB connector;
  2. Connect keys equipped with classic USB to OTG.

Physical connectivity benefits

  • reliability;
  • less battery drain than wireless;
  • the quality of the connection is not affected by the signal quality.

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How to connect a keyboard via Wi-Fi

This is a convenient and fairly fast method, but it requires a couple of conditions:

  • the external keyboard must have a Wi-Fi module installed: and it is better that its standard coincides with the tablet module;
  • both devices must work without a router : the tablet must support not only Wi-Fi, but also a 3G / 4G connection and be able to play the role of an access point itself. This is necessary in order not to depend on the range of the signal in operation, and also so that the user can correctly send commands using the keyboard.

If these conditions are met, then connecting the keyboard to the gadget via Wi-Fi can be as simple as in the case of a bluetooth connection.

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As you can see, connecting a keyboard to an Android tablet is quite simple. This can be arranged using a USB or a wire, using bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Which option to give preference and which keyboard to choose is up to the owner of the tablet. It all depends on individual needs and ideas about comfort.

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