4 Ways to connect the tablet to the projector

A projector is a multimedia device that transmits an image from a computer to a special large screen. Used in educational lectures, business presentations. Increasingly, these devices are used as a component of a home theater , receiving a professional picture and sound.

But a computer and even a laptop are very bulky equipment, they are gradually being replaced in all areas by smartphones and tablets. It is much more convenient to broadcast data from a small self-powered gadget to a large screen. Let’s consider how it is possible to connect them, whether any tablet is capable of this , whether all projectors are suitable, whether you need to buy something extra, and, finally, how to connect the tablet to the projector.

Wired pairing

By default, all models work via the VGA standard. Many people additionally support HDMI. Recently, more and more equipped with USB and Wi-Fi-modules.

VGA is an analog video signal transmission standard used since 1987 for color monitors and video adapters.

HDMI is a digital interface that allows high definition video and multichannel digital audio to be transmitted.

In terms of quality, HDMI wins significantly, so if your model supports both standards, it is better to use HDMI communication. But in budget versions, only a VGA interface is usually installed.

Using a standard mini-HDMI connector

Many gadgets are already equipped with a mini-HDMI connector, so if the projector also supports this standard, then the connection will not be difficult:

  1. Connect one end of the cable to the mini-HDMI connector of the tablet, the other to the projector
  2. Switch on both devices and the connection is ready. Then proceed according to the instructions for your equipment.

But if the equipment only supports the VGA standard, can the tablet be connected to the projector in this case? In the absence of other possibilities, there is an option to use various adapters from HDMI to VGA. You just need to consider the following:

  • You will lose in signal quality.
  • You need not just an adapter and a cable, but also an active signal converter, which is very expensive.

In general, it is better to be puzzled with this question at the stage of purchasing equipment, otherwise then everything may turn into additional costs or limited functionality.

USB cable

Almost all mobile devices have a micro-USB socket. If the projector also supports this standard, then you can connect directly through it.

There is an important point whether the gadget supports MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) technology. If we are talking simply about transferring data via USB, then the projector will recognize the tablet as an ordinary USB flash drive and will play the media files on it.

MHL technology allows you to play digital streaming video and audio from your tablet to the screen, just like any image from the display. For connection in this case, a conventional micro-USB to HDMI cable is sufficient. If the projector does not support this technology, then an active cable with a converter and an additional power cord is required.

In some models of gadgets, adapters for external monitors are already included in the kit, i.e. from the standard HDMI charging connector.


The most convenient and frequently used solution is wireless communication. The following options are possible:

  1. The model is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module and all you need is to find it on the network from the screen of your mobile device and enter the network password. In this case, the signal transmission quality will be very high.
  2. If there is no built-in module, then there are external transmitters connected via a VGA cable. They can be bundled or sold separately from third-party manufacturers.

The advantage of this type is the possibility of its use even for “capricious” Apple devices. In some models of projectors, everything is already ready for this, you just need to install a special application from the App Store .

The main disadvantage is definitely the price. There are not many models with such capabilities, and, as a rule, these are top-end editions of leading manufacturers. Individual transmitters for wireless pairing can also cost hundreds of dollars. In this case, it is easier to purchase a tablet with an HDMI connector.

When choosing how a tablet can be connected to a modern projector with the least hassle, it is better to stick with the HDMI standard. USB is also convenient, but you need to read the hardware specification carefully to know what and how can be done through this interface. Wi-Fi is a very convenient but very expensive solution. Ideally, at the stage before purchasing the equipment, decide how you will use it and select models with the necessary functionality.

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