How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard on a Tablet?

The possibility of connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to an Android tablet facilitates many of the actions that we carry out with our portable device.

Next, we will explain the different methods to connect a keyboard to an Android tablet .


  1. Steps to perform from the Tablet
  2. Connecting the Bluetooth keyboard on a Tablet
  3. What to do if you were already using the keyboard on another device
    1. Bluetooth keyboard options

Steps to perform from the Tablet

First of all, the tablet that we are using must have the Bluetooth function activated , since otherwise we will not be able to find the keyboard signal.

  1. Click on the « Settings» or « Settings » icon to open the window.
  2. Then select the ” Bluetooth” connection option. On some devices it is usually found in a section called ” Connectivity ” or similar.
  3. In this section you will see the slider that allows you to turn the feature on and off. Make sure it is enabled to proceed to the next step of connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to an Android Tablet .

On the other hand, you can also adjust the functionality of this wireless connection through the quick settings of your device . Also, make sure you have one of the latest versions of the Android operating system .

Connecting the Bluetooth keyboard on a Tablet

Once you have enabled Bluetooth on your Android tablet, you can proceed to connect the devices , which requires the keyboard to be turned on.

Some of these devices have an automatic mode to turn on the wireless signal, while others have a button with the Bluetooth icon on it.

  1. You must keep the Bluetooth buttonpressed until the keyboard tells you that it has activated the function, usually by turning on a light.
  2. Next, go to your Android tablet’s Bluetooth settingsto access the list of other available wireless devices.
  3. There you should be able to find the item corresponding to your keyboard, if not, click on « Search device». Remember that both devices can only keep these services active for a limited time, so it is recommended to do it at the same time.
  4. If you click the device to connect the Bluetooth keyboardto the Android tablet, the procedure may be enough to establish the connection.
  5. This code is usually numeric and contains only 6 digits. Enter it and press « Enter » to establish the connection. To indicate that the process has been successful, the tablet will display a message indicating that the new wireless device has been able to connect .

What to do if you were already using the keyboard on another device

To successfully pair the Bluetooth keyboard with an Android tablet , you need to make sure that it is not paired with any other device.

  • For example, if you have synced with a computer (which is most common), you must disconnect it from that device before proceeding.
  • It is also recommended to turn the keyboard off and on again. Because it is necessary? You cannot pair the keyboard if it is connected to another device or if it is constantly looking for a signal from that device.

Bluetooth keyboard options

After you have successfully paired the Bluetooth keyboard with a tablet, you can do some basic settings on the keyboard.

  1. To do this, you have to go to the corresponding settings area.
  2. Locate the « Keyboard» item and the buttons next to it to edit it.
  3. In this way, you can determine if both devices should connect automatically when they are turned on.

You can change the display name of the wireless keyboard if you need a specific title to make it easier to find.

As you can see,  connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to a Tablet does not require much time as long as you follow the steps mentioned


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