How to collaborate with Shein

Shein is a company that has become a basic to generate money through affiliate marketing. It is a company that has become very well known due to the fact that many affiliate marketers have advertised them on their social networks; especially on Youtube. Today we will show you how you can collaborate with this great page.

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How to collaborate with Shein?

First of all, the store comes from China and you have the ability to buy very cheap clothes that have great discounts. Since we have applications that combine clothes , ordering clothing online is very easy. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the clothes you send from Shein will be on your own, that is, you are the one who should be looking to sell. The store does not assure us that we will be successful with your collaboration , but it will reward us with discounts on the sale.

To collaborate with Shein, you have to earn the money yourself with the movements and the search for ways to sell, this process takes a while. This platform facilitates many discounts to be able to lighten the income when moving social networks and work marketing . What yes is that, you will have to choose to be attentive to the read more, that is, to the terms and conditions.

affiliate program

The most formal way to earn money without much investment is to share clothing links. And it is that, you get a 10% or up to 20% commission of the garment that you have helped to sell. Also, remember that Shein charges a commission at Customs. The steps to join are:

  • Register and fill in the data
  • Wait for your profile to be approved
  • Log in and see the offers and commissions
  • Find the clothes of interest, order them, or request them, wait and get the tracking link. You have to pay attention to the ‘Read’ that is to say to the small letters to avoid problems.

See influencer for Shein

You have the power to comment on all the questions and thus get free pieces of clothing that cost between $40 and $220. But, in addition to that, the thing is not so simple, you have to know that you need to have at least 1,000 followers. It is essential that you select the looks and so that you know what your followers like.

Now, surely you wonder what the process of showing clothes is like? You have to select the look and take a photo with the clothes between the 7th and 15th day after receiving it. Then, start publishing the clothes on your social networks with the corresponding link. Once you carry out this procedure, you will have to notify the Shein email that you have just done it and that’s it, that’s how the process will be.

Do you know what requirements you must meet? They are very basic and will help you become an influencer and collaborate with Shein. First of all, the most fundamental requirement is to have more than 5000 followers. So that you can have contact with your followers, so this may take time

When you are accepted as an influencer, you are able to click on the promotion icon and insert it on the blog page, it takes a couple of days. When you can become a fashion critic, to collaborate with Shein, then this page will start calling you ‘fashion expert’. Also, in order to be better seen by this company, you need to stand out as an influencer. And it is that it tries to upload images of you with the clothes on all your networks where you meet the requirement. One thing to keep in mind is that many countries have different policies, the countries that collaborate the most with shein are ecuador and mexico

In both Ecuador and Mexico, you can see many people sharing content. Something to keep in mind is that Shein uses information from the profiles that publish the images of her on social networks. Don’t be scared when they collect your photos and comments to make a post on her website. These terms are in the ‘Read more’ of the pages

Sells resells Shein clothes

You can invest money in an order from Shein, this takes as long as the clothes arrive and to make a new order, sell the clothes and start a business from it. You can do this if when you see the price it is convenient for you to add an overprice and when selling it, do it for more than what it cost you. You are willing to sell clothes on your social networks or through pages

Something you can do with the following orders, to sell in a more authentic way, is that you transform the clothes. You have the possibility to buy clothes and accessories, place orders and sell. In a formal way, this will make you get better sales, you also have the possibility of modifying the garments to your liking. Keep in mind that you can remove the labels and put a stamp on it, and then sell it.

Without a doubt, something that will help your business succeed is that you seek to advertise. Causing a stir, through the various social networks, will allow you to show the orders that will be arriving. One way to do it will be that through the various social networks, show the products you have for sale , expect people to see it, buy you and prefer you.

Are there other ways to Collaborate with Shein?

One way you can do it is with the Shein Campus program, since it is open to new people, what you have to do is this process:

  • Open Shein’s official page
  • Sign up and create an account
  • Get the Campus Ambassador Application  Form
  • wait for them to approve you
  • Look for clicking on the ‘Brand Ambassador’button enter the menu list
  • Click on ‘Referral Link’ share with family and friends on social networks. That will make it possible for you to share it and people will come to Shein using the link, ask for a commission of up to 3%.
  • Friends who use this link are eligible to even get a $2 discount.

Shein X

If you are a fashion designer, in a professional way, then you can opt for Shein X, where you have the option to associate. So that this company has the power to take care of manufacturing, marketing and sales. If you want to be selected, you must provide a portfolio that has all the data you want to show. There are several things to keep in mind:

  1. If you are someone persuasive, you should resell the pieces
  2. If you like photography and marketing, enter the influencer affiliation
  3. If you have a blog, the influencer program is convenient
  4. Being a designer you can choose to customize pieces or enter Shein X


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