How to change consents of Stumble Guys?

When we start to adapt to a game, one of the most common ways to do it is to configure it to obtain the results and experience that suit us, so it becomes more comfortable to play .

If we talk about Stumble Guys, it is a  game with few requirements  and, in the same way, to configure, since Android does not present complications when you want to make some adjustments to the game menu. Being a mobile application and also a PC one, it will always have different configuration methods in the menu, so our goal is to show you how to do it.

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  1. How to change consents of Stumble Guys?
  2. Stumble Guys all unlocked
  3. How much data does Stumble Guys consume?
  4. When does the Stumble Guys pass end?

How to change consents of Stumble Guys?

Being one of the funniest games that has been played for smartphones, it offers a very entertaining experience ; its stages never stop as it has levels of all kinds and you can get enough ways to hang out with them.

There are times when in the game, we need to see some other ad and thus get the benefits that help us improve the experience , either to get new skins, coins, or win.

This sometimes presents a small problem, and that is that when we download the application and start using it, it does not allow us to see these videos (ads) because without knowing it, the game blocks this option , and many times we do not understand how to change it, since we do not We don’t even have suggestions in the game menu.

Despite this, its fix is ​​not difficult, since this error occurs more on Android devices, it is not difficult to remove it. To solve the problem of your cell phone you will follow these steps .

  • You are going to go to the Settings of your mobile.
  • You must search for Privacy and then find Ads.
  • A single option will appear, this you are going to deactivate.
  • Go back to the Stumble Guys app.
  • When you finish, being already in the game, you will look in the Ads and you will click on the option on the right, in this way everything will work well.

If the problems continue, the most immediate way to solve them is to go to the application settings and clear the cache and data of the game, opening it should already have been solved . If not, as a last solution you will have to uninstall the app and  download the game again .

Stumble Guys all unlocked

To make the experience in a game much better, one of the things that will make this happen is to have all the benefits that it brings, that is, skins, expressions, animations, among others. Fairly, in a game all this is achieved based on the achievements you have and the progress you make in the game

Although it is the correct way to do it, there are some other possibilities to enjoy the benefits and all the details of the app; even  old games  can count on these possibilities. We can unlock this with a few easy steps, so you can have everything to yourself while playing games on your Android device.

  • First you will go to the Google search engine.
  • You must write
  • Once inside this page, you will click on the Download button.
  • When it has been installed, you will enter the application.
  • When you are in it, you will search for Stumble Guys, and there you will continue to download it within the Jojoy app.
  • Then, you are going to enter the game, when you open it two boxes will appear on the screen: one will be asking you if you want to continue with the process or not, so you have to press Yes; and another where all the options to unlock will be, which you must configure and accept to do so.
  • The next thing is to review and verify that you have all the skins available.
  • Lastly, start a game, this way you will make sure that the game goes well.

How much data does Stumble Guys consume?

We cannot exactly explain the data that this game consumes on your cell phone, however, you will get an idea when we explain that in the Settings, in the Mobile Data window of your phone, there will always be a meter to know the data that is carries the app, and you can check there how much this app does.

When does the Stumble Guys pass end?

The creators of the game want there to be fair competition between players, so the battle pass is easy to get. This one lasts around 30 days , and you will have more benefits with it depending on the skill you have when playing, so your progress and privileges will be guided by you. Now, enjoy the game!


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