How to search for a product on Shein by code

Influencers who recommend Shein garments on networks usually do so with their codes. Learn how to search for a product on Shein by code.

In social networks where you cannot add a link to each post, it is common to see Shein garments advertised with a code. This makes us wonder how to search for a product on Shein by code , since it has become a widely used tool to locate clothes and items at interesting prices. This article will indicate the process to achieve it.

In the mobile application, text and image searches are enabled, but not by code. If we try to write or paste the code of a garment in the search box, we will find that there are no results. As of today, it is not possible to search by code in the Shein application , so we will have to find an alternative.

The search by code, however, is possible through the computer . The ‘Shein Image & ID Searcher’ Google Chrome extension will make it easier for us to find those clothes that we see advertised on the Instagram profiles of the world’s leading influencers.

To be able to use this extension, we will only have to click on it and a mini-search engine will be displayed. When it is displayed, you have to click on ‘By ID’ and write or paste the code of the garment in question. By clicking on ‘Search on Shein’ you will be redirected directly to the page of that garment on the platform and you will be able to add it to your cart to buy it quickly and easily.


Another question many platform users ask is how to find knockoffs on Shein . Sometimes we see clothes that are out of our financial reach, but it is a good alternative to try taking a look in the application in case there is something similar that is not so inaccessible.

In this case we will have to use the Shein image search engine , a reverse search system that allows us to locate garments similar to those that have caught our attention. Of course, do not expect to find exactly the same model, since in Shein there are no actual imitations, but similar garments (which is much less seedy, truth be told).

In the app, tap the camera icon to the right of the search box at the top and tap ‘Take a photo’ or ‘Upload a photo’ (depending on whether you’re in a store). or you want to search for a garment that you have seen on the Internet). When you have selected the photo, click on ‘Next’ and the application will scan the image to show you the most similar results on Shein .


Sharing the clothes that have most caught your attention in the application can be complicated if you do it through a social network that does not allow you to publish links in the publications. That is why it is advisable to be clear about where to see the code of a product on Shein .

When browsing the Shein application, you will only have to click on any garment or accessory, and on the page that contains all the information about it, you will have to look for the ‘Description’ option. Access it and at the bottom you will find the ‘Item ID:’ section, where you will see the seven-digit number that represents the code of each garment on Shein .

With the code it can be easier to locate Shein products within its deep catalog, especially if it is being used from the computer. By finding the code number of each garment, you will be able to share it in a much more efficient way through your social networks.


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