How to clear your browser cache

Are you looking for how to clear your browser cache ? Here’s how to clear the cache of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers.

When you use your computer, in addition to the programs you start for your daily activities, you also need to take into consideration the background functions. In addition to the operating system that performs an infinite number of operations while you’re working, studying or viewing multimedia content, many other software can also work ” hidden “, both while you’re using them and when you’re not using them at all.

One of the programs that works the most when you use it is the web browser, a tool that allows you to search the web and view a large number of contents. Although the web browser is particularly prone to consume a lot of RAM memory , not everyone knows that it can perform better or worse depending on the saved cache.

Today we are going to understand how to empty the web browser cache , so as to optimize some processes that report errors. We also recommend that you read the guides on how to clear the cache on Android and how to clear your Google history to have an ideal optimization on your mobile device as well.


  • What is browser cache
  • What does clearing the browser cache mean?
  • How do you clear your browser cache
    • How to clear the cache of the Google Chrome browser
    • How to clear the cache of the Firefox browser
    • How to clear edge browser cache
    • How to clear the cache of the Safari browser
    • How to clear the cache of the Internet Explorer browser
    • How to clear the cache of the Opera browser
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What is browser cache

Before analyzing the procedure for emptying the cache, it is right to make a small digression on what the meaning of the cache is . When referring to a web browser’s cache, it refers to a database of files that is used to store resources downloaded from websites . In most cases the resources are nothing more than the images or textual contents , Javascript , HTML and CSS of the platform you are visiting .

The cache is very small compared to the complete database of the web page you are looking at, this is due to the fact that the browser stores only the most useful information to subsequently launch that website as quickly as possible. But what are the characteristics of the cache?

By storing that site’s resources, such as code files, the cache uses them to make accessing the screen view faster.

Imagine opening a web page for the first time, you will notice that the site will take a few seconds to start up and show you all the contents on the screen. This is given by the fact that the system is storing and downloading the images and all the elements of the database , a part of these, such as a query, will be stored in the cache of your computer or smartphone, speeding up the launch of the page itself when you open it a second time. This process applies to all web browsers and all online platforms. In fact, some web browsers automatically clear the cache when you close the program, but usually a browser aiming for speed takes advantage of a large enough cache.

What does clearing the browser cache mean?

If from a technical point of view the cache is useful for speeding up the opening of a page that has already been viewed in the past , why should it be emptied? The reasons are different and in many cases related to the update of the previously stored platform.

By storing data from a web page, the browser will be tricked into displaying archived files on the screen, this may not be the case when you come across a website that has been restructured or completely updated . In addition to these reasons, which can bring graphical and interaction errors to the screen, it is important to underline that in some cases the data stored in the cache can be corrupted or damaged .

Imagine opening a web page and it suddenly closes, this will not ensure effective caching, resulting in errors on the screen when you launch the page again. Emptying the cache means deleting all stored files and restoring the initial state of your browser , as if you had just installed it.

How do you clear your browser cache

Having understood the potential of the cache and how it can be useful for you to make the most of the web pages you visit every day, it is advisable to examine how to empty it with the most popular web browsers for surfing the Net, such as: Chrome , Firefox , Edge , Internet Explorer , Opera and Safari .

Warning : before revealing how to clear the cache, there is a tendency to confuse cache and cookies. Clearing the cache will delete the temporary files saved in the storage of your device while browsing the web. Clearing the cookies will log you out of the websites and the preferences you have saved may be deleted .

How to clear the cache of the Google Chrome browser

Let’s start with what is considered the best browser : Google Chrome . This program allows you to clear the cache and also other elements such as cookies and browsing data, as well as the passwords stored over time. To empty the cache, just start Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots at the top of the screen . From here select the History or Other Tools section and click on the Clear Browsing Data option .

A window with two macro sections will appear: Basic and Advanced . Click on Advanced and immediately highlight among the items Cached images and files (if you wish you can also select other items, including Cookies and other site data ). Just click on Clear data and wait a few seconds for the process to finish. Upon completion of the cancellation you can return to surf the web.

As for the Time Range , you can select: Last Hour , Last Day , Last Week , Last 4 Weeks , and the one we recommend: Since Start . For more information, read our guide on Chrome settings and how to use it .

How to clear the cache of the Firefox browser

Firefox also uses the cache to store some information from web pages, you can empty it in a few seconds by clicking on the web browser settings, you can access it by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top . From here select History and navigate to the section labeled Clear Recent History . In the window that appears , select the item All in the Time interval to be deleted .

For the other options, select Cache , but you can also select: Cookies and Website Offline Data ; confirm the cancellation by clicking on Cancel now . Wait a few seconds and the cache present will be permanently deleted.

How to clear edge browser cache

Perhaps you prefer Edge as your web browser, the chromium-based software is very similar to Google Chrome even in the way it clears the cache. To do this as quickly as possible, click on the menu at the top right in the shape of three horizontal dots , and access Settings . From here press in the left sidebar on Privacy, search and services , and scroll down to the option Clear browsing data. 

At the level of Clear browsing data now , press the Choose what to clear button .

Among the many boxes available choose Temporary Internet Files . Then also select History , Cookies and Download history . You can confirm the deletion by clicking on Delete .

How to clear the cache of the Safari browser

Even the Apple web browser allows you to empty the cache to restore it in the best way. To delete it, all you have to do is start Safari and click on the Development option , which you find in the upper menu bar. At this point click on the Empty the cache option present in the middle of the drop-down menu.

You can also clear the cache directly from the Mac settings, in this case, however, you will first need to select Preferences on the dock of your device and then enter Advanced . From here select Show Develop Menu and click on Develop . Now just click on Empty the cache and you will have removed all the stored files.

How to clear the cache of the Internet Explorer browser

As we anticipated, the cache is present in all web browsers, even those with a few years behind them. With Internet Explorer you can empty the cache by going to the Settings section , accessible within the browser by pressing the gear icon . From here choose the option Internet Options and immediately after General . Check the box Delete history on signing out and click on Delete to delete everything From here you can also select the items Temporary internet files , Cookies and more, so as to have an even more thorough cleaning.

How to clear the cache of the Opera browser

If you have the Opera browser and you want to clear the cache, after starting it, press the three horizontal lines at the top and in the menu that appears choose Go to complete settings .

Scroll down the page, locate the item Privacy and security and press on Delete browsing data . In the popup that appears, press on Advanced and check the item Cached images and files with Time range on All . Press the Clear data button to confirm.

Of course, as in the other browsers analyzed so far, here too you can decide to delete cookies , history and much more.


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