How to clear the Plex cache on all your devices

Clear the Plex cache memory or Plex server easily, is one of the tasks that every user wants to do. Important temporary information about users is stored in the cache, regarding the applications used. This in order for the application to download the information only once and then recycle it.

This memory is very similar to RAM , however, the cache memory is much faster, since the processor accesses it faster, to extract important information.

On the other hand, the Plex multimedia service is an application or program that allows you to enjoy different multimedia content, through the files stored on the PC.

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  1. When to clear the Plex cache?
  2. Where is it and how to clear the Plex cache depending on the device
    1. Windows
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    3. Mac
    4. Android
  3. Benefits of using Plex on any operating system
  4. How to use the Plex streaming service on my Smart TV easily?

When to clear the Plex cache?

The Plex app cache must be constantly cleared. Especially when the videos or movies you are watching are slow to open, constantly freeze or when it is a slow playback. These factors are caused by the accumulation of information and data consumed by the application.

The data is saved so that the application makes calls constantly when it is going to use the information. That is, every time a specific information, video or film is used. Each time the memory fills up and the search becomes more difficult . Since the Plex application, when opening a file, searches the cache and reading so much information slows down the process.

Where is it and how to clear the Plex cache depending on the device

The location of this type of memory is always changing, it all depends on the operating system that the device has. Depending on the system, Windows, Linux, Android or Mac, the cache is located in a different place.

Clearing the cache memory on the Plex server easily is a necessary task, to prevent it from becoming slow. There are certain users who want to create multimedia servers , Plex is an online multimedia service with support for different operating systems.


To clear the Plex cache you must know what device you are using, if it is a computer with Windows 10 operating system , go to the explorer window and inquire, until you get the following address’% LOCALAPPDATA% Plex media server Plug – Support Cache’.

For the Windows operating system in any of its versions, this application should be searched at the user address . And look for the address mentioned above, after the removal process is done, the videos are played properly. Remember to perform the procedure constantly to keep the player in good working order.

Different directories will be displayed for the different movies and programs that the user was viewing, you must delete them one by one or all at the same time and that’s it.

It is recommended to clean the cache from time to time , especially when using the application e question or any other, because the contents are stored in the cache to save the user’s preferences or references.


In Linux operating system, many versions can be found. However, to clear the stored cache you must find its location at the following address . $ PLEX_HOME / Library / Application Support / Plex Media Server / Plug-in Support / Caches.

Once you have found this address, you can proceed to clear the Plex app cache. In the same way, you should start deleting the sub- addresses of all the files seen so far.


On Mac devices, the cache is easily accumulated in photo applications or audio and video players. However, the procedure to erase this type of memory is simple.

To remove this memory, you must find its location in the libraries . To get there, you can put in the search engine the address ~ / Library / Caches which is where all the information is found.

Once there, you must look for the folder with the name of the application, this time Plex, you can enter it and delete all the saved information or delete the folder completely without having to enter it.

Similarly, you can clear the cache of this player through applications. One of the best and most recommended is CleanMyMac X, which is responsible for making erasing more efficient since it removes more garbage and frees up more space than the previous procedure.


On the other hand, if you are using Plex and you want to delete the cache on Android , go to the ‘Phone settings’, ‘Applications’ option, you must locate the Plex application and select the ‘Storage’ option, followed by ‘Delete data’ .

Another process to clear the cache memory of the plex application is very simple and similar to any other application. It consists in that you only have to go to the settings of your phone and look for the applications tab. Once you have entered this, you must look for the application to which you want to delete the cache memory, in this case Plex.
After entering the settings of this application, you should look for the button that indicates the cache memory and click on clear cache. Later, the phone will erase the memory and you can use the video player of the Plex application without any setback or difficulty

Benefits of using Plex on any operating system

Clearing the cache memory on the Plex server can easily be annoying, but it is a task that must be done frequently, so that the application in question does not get slow.

Streaming services have displaced the traditional way of watching movies, series, novels, and other types of programs, on cable operators or other types of television services.

Many online services that provide countless types of content to enjoy have been the subject of an uphill battle to determine which is the best. Regardless of which is better, the most famous is undoubtedly Netflix.

Many would like to log into Netflix for free, but it is far from the truth. However, for that there are services such as Plex, which does not ask for any type of monthly fee as Netflix or other types of paid services do.

Using Plex, you have access to millions of series , movies, videos and novels in high definition, its interactive library, allows you to save and select the content to watch later. It is also a multiplatform service, it provides support for Android, IOS, Windows and Linux, this means that you can enjoy it on any system.

How to use the Plex streaming service on my Smart TV easily?

Clear cache memory on Plex server easily, it can be really cool to avoid certain problems. Since it makes the playback of videos or movies faster and without interruptions. The functions of televisions are varied, especially if it is a Smart TV, as some want to download Apps from a Haier Smart TV without the Play Store.

It all depends on the Smart TV you have at hand, however, absolutely all have an application center, no matter what the brand or model is. To use the application center you must have internet access.

Once you are in the application store, you must type the word Plex or Plex server in the search engine. Then select the download or install option, after the download process is finished you must open the App.

After the Plex application will ask you to log in with your account , you must use the one you used for the registration process, enter the username and password and then confirm. If you don’t have an account yet, you can easily create one with an email.

Once inside your user, you can enjoy millions of programs , series, novels, movies and other amount of content. It is fascinating to be able to enjoy this service through a television, because the quality is incredible.

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