How to clear the DNS cache in your Chrome browser

When talking about the DNS cache, it refers to everything that is temporarily stored in the Chrome browser, this will always be present, since every time you look for some information in your browser. The cache of each web page you visit will be saved in your storage.


How to clear the DNS cache in your CHROME browser – Improve performance

On some occasions you may have problems with your browser , because the storage is collapsed by the cache, so it is important to delete it from time to time, follow this guide so you know how to clear the DNS cache.

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  1. Why should you clear your browser’s DNS cache?
    1. Improve security
    2. avoid mistakes
  2. Improve performance
  3. What are the steps to clear the DNS cache in Chrome?
    1. What happens when you clear the DNS cache?
    2. Delete IP addresses
    3. Clear DNS information

Why should you clear your browser’s DNS cache?

It is always important that you delete the cache of your browser , because sometimes you can have problems when you want to access a web page and if you have your storage full, this will cause the cache not to let you access other web pages.

Since it can greatly influence that the pages are updated and because of the cache you have stored, they will not let you enter the page. Also in the same configuration, you can configure the letter of the Chrome browser and better see the content of each page.

Improve security

By clearing your browser’s cache you will be improving your security very quickly, because due to all the pages you visit, on some occasions you can save some cookies and malicious cache that in the long run can affect the functioning of your Chrome. That is why every time you use your browser, it is recommended that when you finish you clean all the stored history.

avoid mistakes

If you keep your browser free of all the stored cache you can avoid big errors, because by clearing the cache , you will be solving the problems of either not opening a web page or not loading the content of the page or formatting errors. of the pages you visit.

Improve performance

When you completely remove the Chrome browser cache, you will automatically be improving the speed when you start browsing the internet, because if you let accumulate all that unnecessary information in your history.

That will cause you problems when you want to open new web pages , so delete everything and you will see how the performance and speed of the Chrome browser will improve.

What are the steps to clear the DNS cache in Chrome?

It is very easy to clear the DNS cache of your browser, since with this you will be making an improvement for Chrome and thus you will be able to enjoy a better functioning and faster browser, without having to delete the DNS of the operating system, that is why it is more easy to clear browser cache, below I will show you different solutions each time you clear DNS cache.

What happens when you clear the DNS cache?

When you clear the DNS cache, all the stored information is being deleted and you are making the browser look again for all the DNS that are stored by default, but this time they will be free without any saved cache, you will see how everything improves with respect to the Chrome browser so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Delete IP addresses

IP addresses are deleted automatically, when you delete the Chrome browser cache, the same system then takes care of looking for new IP addresses so that you can access new web pages and not have any problems and you can browse internet without errors and you can enjoy a pleasant experience with the Google Chrome browser.

Clear DNS information

  1. You must first open the Google Chrome browser
  2. Then you are going to open a new tab and you are going to place Chrome://net-internals/#dns
  3. Then a new tab will open where you will get the DNS options
  4. Finally you are going to select where it says Clear host cache ,once that option is selected, the cache that is saved in the Chrome browser will start to be deleted.

As an interesting fact about the Google Chrome browser, through its settings you can activate the Chrome browser reading list so that you can save all the web pages you visit and then if you want you can delete them. You can also change the background of Google Chrome and customize it in your own way and thus give it a unique touch.



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