How to Clear Google Play Cache on Android Devices

The online store Google is one of the most visited in the world, and from there used in Android applications are downloaded mobile devices. And it can be a real calamity if when entering this application we cannot access or we have problems when we want to download an app, game, book or movie that can be obtained in this way.

Therefore it is always recommended when having problems with Google Play that the user delete or clear the cache . And surely you are wondering what the cache is and what it is for , and this is nothing more than a buffer in which data is stored. And that they are always on hand when needed in the future.

In this way the requirements are served faster, but this cache can contain a lot of information. Therefore it would collapse in such a way that error codes are displayed when downloading or updating an application. Or simply the response from Google Play is very slow and the only way to solve this problem is by clearing the cache.

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  1. How do the cache and cookies work in Google Chrome?
  2. What is the advantage of clearing the cache on my Android device?
  3. What happens after I delete this information from my Google account?
    1. Return to log
    2. Slow loading of websites
    3. More storage space
  4. What are my options to clear an app cache?
    1. From device settings
    2. Within the app
    3. Using Files from Google
  5. On what other devices can I clear Chrome cache data?
    1. From my computer
    2. On iPhone or iPad
  6. How to keep Google Play services running smoothly?
    1. Keep services and applications up-to-date
    2. Clear cache and data

How do the cache and cookies work in Google Chrome?

Both the cache and the navigation cookies have a very similar purpose and it is to save time and data . Since you do not have to search again for the information or elements that are required to load the page, view images or files of any kind, it will simply search the files stored on your hard drive.

But this in the long run produces certain complications and they have to do with the storage space they occupy. So it will be necessary to erase this data from time to time to avoid problems of slowness. Or that applications simply cannot be downloaded or updated on our mobile.

What is the advantage of clearing the cache on my Android device?

The cache is very important, but it will be even more important to delete it, since this action will offer us several advantages. And on Android devices it is very easy to clear the cache memory and by doing so we will recover storage space. And that is very different from deleting the cache of applications which contain temporary files.

By deleting the cache memory of your Android device, it is intended to recover its performance. But it is also detrimental to do this repeatedly, since the performance of the mobile would also be affected. Because accessing an application would take longer, it would seem a contradiction, but it is not at all.

What happens after I delete this information from my Google account?

As we have already been saying, the cache is an auxiliary memory where temporary files are stored. But as the days go by, this memory tends to collapse due to the great information it contains and it becomes necessary to erase its content so that in this way some performance or slowness problems can be solved.

Return to log

It is important that you understand that by clearing the Google Play cache , both your account and the settings you have established will remain intact. Although it is true that the application will remain as if it were just installed, you will not need to log in again.

Slow loading of websites

One of the problems that is generated when eliminating or clearing the cache memory is that how it has been cleaned. When wanting to enter an application, this process is carried out more slowly than usual, until temporary files are stored in the cache memory, thus recovering the response speed.

More storage space

This can be one of the enormous advantages that we can get by deleting the cache memory and that is having more storage space . We must remember that the files they contain are stored on the hard drive. Therefore they are taking up space that we may need for other applications or simply for the Apps already installed to work correctly.

What are my options to clear an app cache?

When having performance problems with an application that you have installed on your mobile device, it is necessary that you resort to eliminating the cache memory. This procedure can be done in different ways, especially if you have an Android. Here we will explain the three ways that exist, from the settings, from the application itself and through Google Files.

From device settings

On your mobile device, enter the ‘Settings’ once there select the ‘Settings’ option, you will be taken to a new window that shows an extensive menu. In our case we must click on the ‘Storage’ option . Next, a list will be shown that contains everything you have installed on your mobile and the space it occupies.

But in our case we will now click on ‘Other applications’, we will be taken to a new window and all installed apps will be displayed. We only have to search and select that application that we want to clear the cache. Now a box will be displayed with two options ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear cache’, of course you will press this last option and that’s it.

Within the app

From the application itself you can clear the cache, for this you just have to enter the menu of the app installed on your mobile . Select the application, then scroll down the window until you find the option ‘Clear cache memory’. And just wait for the process to take place.

Using Files from Google

Through this application it will be possible to free up space and clear the cache . To use it it will be necessary that you previously download the application. Then from the file explorer that it has, you can have an idea of ​​all the files you have. Be these documents, videos, apps, audio or images.

Therefore, you only have to choose the folder or file that you want to delete and on the right side you will find an arrow-shaped icon which you must click. Once this operation has been carried out, the option ‘Delete’ will be displayed on the screen and that’s it. In the same way, you must proceed with the other files that you want to delete.

On what other devices can I clear Chrome cache data?

On the devices where you have Google Chrome installed, it is possible to clear the cache data which can cause your browser to crash a bit. Avoiding in this way that searches are carried out more quickly, in this way the browsing speed is improved , then let’s see the steps to follow in each case.

From my computer

From your PC enter the Google Chrome browser, go to the three-dot icon that is located in the upper right corner. In the menu that will be generated, you must click on ‘Settings’ in the next window, scroll down and go to the ‘Privacy and security’ section and select ‘Clear browsing data’.

This action will show you a box and in it you must check only the option ‘Cached files and images’ and to finish click on the option ‘Clear data’. This will clear the cache of your Google Chrome browser on your PC .

On iPhone or iPad

This operation is very simple to do on iPhone or iPad devices, the first step will be to enter the Google Chrome browser. Then go to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘More’, the next step is to select by clicking on the History option.

Moving on, choose Clear browsing data and check the ‘Cached files and images’ option. To finish the process, you just have to click on the ‘Clear browsing data’ button and the cache will be cleared from your Google Chrome browser. Although you may also be interested in knowing how to delete the cache memory on your iPhone .

How to keep Google Play services running smoothly?

Google Play is an application that offers the application download and update service. Therefore, it is necessary that we carry out some actions so that the proper functioning of said App is maintained. And in this way we avoid receiving error messages that would cause us a real headache.

Therefore, try periodically, as we have already mentioned, to clear the cache and data from Google Play. We will explain the steps you must take to do this later, but in this way we should not have any complications in the future, but we can also take other actions and they are the following:

Keep services and applications up-to-date

Another action that you must take into account is that you keep both the services offered by Google Play and the applications that you download from this virtual store updated . From the Google Play App itself, you can select the option that allows you to automatically update the applications that you have installed on your mobile.

Clear cache and data

To clear the cache and data from Google Play, you just have to follow these steps, so that you can perform a satisfactory deletion.

  1. On your smartphone, go to Settings.
  2. The next step is to find and select the ‘Applications’ section.
  3. A list will be displayed on the screen and from it you must click on ‘ Google Play Store‘.
  4. Now you must click on the option ‘Force stop’.
  5. The next step is to choose the ‘ Storage‘ option .
  6. In this section you will select the option ‘Delete cache’ and ‘Delete data’.
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