How to clear Android cache

Learn how to clear the cache of your Android mobile and what you get by deleting it

Here we show you how to clear the Android cache and what benefits you get from doing it. And it is that when you install an application on your Android terminal , over time it will occupy more and more storage space on your device thanks to the temporary files that it generates with its use and that are automatically saved. These temporary files represent the cache memory of the mobile and serve, basically, so that the apps start up faster so that they do not have to generate new data each time they are started again. That is why if you do not clear the cache of your Android mobile, Over time it can occupy a good part of the storage space, especially in mobiles with little space or with almost all of their storage already occupied. For this reason, we teach you how to free the cache of your mobile to get rid of all those residual files and control the storage space of your terminal.

How to clear the cache memory of your Android mobile

Index of contents

  • What benefits do you get from clearing the cache
  • How to clear an app cache
  • How to clear the cache of all apps
  • How to clear the cache on Android 8.0 or lower

What benefits do you get from clearing the cache

The main benefit of clearing the cache memory of the mobile is to recover that storage space of the terminal that was occupied by the temporary files of the applications and the system itself. Of course, there is no danger of deleting user data or important files from the system , since only temporary files created by the apps are deleted and are recreated when you use them again.

For this reason, we recommend clearing the cache of the mobile from time to time , since many apps that occupy an important space of the internal memory are its temporary files, such as Facebook , Instagram , or Chrome , among others.

How to clear an app cache

Follow the steps below to clear the cache for a particular app :

  1. Access Android mobile settings.
  2. Now click on Storage.
  3. Access now to Other applications.

You can also access it from Settings – Applications and notifications .

Now you can select an application and in the Storage and cache section, click on the Clear cache button to delete its temporary files. Of course, this method is useful if you want to clear the cache of a specific application, although it is not recommended to go one by one, since it would be a rather heavy task. If you want to clear the general cache of the mobile, skip to the next section .

  • Important| Do not click on the Clear storage option , as this will erase the data and updates as if the app were just installed.

How to clear the cache of all apps

Despite the fact that Android eliminated the option to delete the cache of all applications as of Android 9.0 , there is another alternative to do the same task through the official Files application , available natively on some mobiles.

If you don’t have Files installed natively, you just have to access Google Play and download the official Google app for free. Follow the steps below to clear the terminal cache with Files :

  1. Open the Filesapp .
  2. Click on the option CleaningUp in Garbage files to delete temporary files of apps installed on your mobile; confirm with the Delete option .
  3. At the end of the deletion we will be informed of how many MB or GB have been freed from the internal storage of the mobile.

Of course, this process will not completely erase the cache of all apps, but will erase those temporary files that have not been used for a long time , in order to avoid deleting temporary files of common apps. If you want to clear the cache of an app that you use regularly, you will have to do it manually with the steps in the previous section .

How to clear the cache on Android 8.0 or lower

Finally, let’s see how to delete the temporary files of Android 8.0 or earlier , so that you can free up space on older phones, something essential if we take into account the storage space contained in older Android terminals. Follow the steps below to clear the cache on Android 8.0 or earlier :

  1. Access Settingsof your Android mobile.
  2. Click on Storage.
  3. Now access Cached Data.
  4. Finally, click on OK.

This option does delete the cache of all mobile apps , so it will not be necessary to have any other app such as Files .

Now you know what the cache memory of Android mobile apps is and the different options to erase it and recover storage space.


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