How to delete a class from Classroom

Learn how to remove old classes from Google Classroom with our guide.How to delete a class from Classroom

Here we show you how to delete a class from Classroom , so that you can delete old classes that no longer have any use in your workspace. And it is that when archiving Classroom classes you can use them again later , this being one of the main advantages of this tool; so much so, that you can have virtual classes without students as a repository for assignments and class ideas . Clasroom is a great learning tool available to teachers, a way to teach virtual classes at the best level in times of confinement. Let’s see how to delete classes from Google Classroom .

How to remove classes from Google Classroom

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  • Why delete classes from Classroom
  • How to delete classes from Classroom

Why delete classes from Classroom

Deleting or removing classes from Google Classroom can be very useful if you have many classes already open ; And it is that the load of your session can be much slower than normal if you have many accumulated classes in your workspace, since Google Classroom displays all the classes , both active and archived.

And it is that in the case that you have many open classes, it can be confusing to find the specific class that you want to use again. For example, if you have several sections of the same subject from past courses, you can get rid of the previous ones and keep only the assignment from the current course; This way, you can remove the sections from last year and keep just one so that you can use it again as an assignment.

Additionally, by archiving one of your classes, students will still be able to access those classes , although they will not be able to submit or interact with that archived class. If you want to permanently get rid of this class so that no one can have access, you will only have to delete it . Read on to learn how to delete classes from Google Classroom .

How to delete classes from Classroom

The first step in deleting classes from Google Classroom is to archive the class itself ; To do this, you must click on the icon with the three ellipsis in the upper right corner of the Classroom icon page. Once the menu is displayed, click on the Archive option .

Once you have archived the class you want to delete in the menu, click on the three ellipsis icon again and choose the Delete option . Of course, you can only archive and delete classes one by one, so if you have many classes to delete, you will have to spend a good time repeating these same steps, one by one.


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