How to check if an email is valid

How to check if an email is valid . Here is a complete guide with all online services to check if an email exists.

In the daily interaction with email it will have happened to you at least once in your life to send emails to a company or a private individual and never receive a reply. Although in some cases it may simply be the recipient’s forgetfulness, in others there may be problems related to the validity of the email itself.

Maybe you don’t know that even email addresses expire over time or can be removed from the web; so, maybe you think you’ve sent a message to a company, but that text is actually lost in the amazing world that is the Internet.

Fortunately, there are systems and applications for email verification , helping you to dispel any doubts about possible scams or errors. In the next lines we will try to explain how to check if an email is valid and we will analyze as many systems as possible to please all users.


  • Services to check if email exists
    • Online service Verify email
    • Alternative email verification services
    • Check Gmail
    • Check Hotmail and Outlook
  • How to trace an email address: Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail
    • Gmail
    • Outlook and Hotmail
  • Search for an email address on the Internet (Google, Facebook)
  • How to find IP address from an email

Services to check if email exists

As you can imagine it is essential to be connected to an internet network to check if an email is valid or not, but we are sure that this aspect was taken for granted. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there are many ways to check if an email is valid , let’s see them in more detail individually so as not to confuse our ideas.

Online service Verify email

By connecting to the website you can check that your email or that of others is valid and fully functional. The page is extremely simple, you will be presented with a search bar on the home page where you will have to type in the email you want to verify, such as [email protected] . By clicking on Enter, the site will automatically check that everything is correct. If the written email is valid and working, you will be presented with a small green window, while the color will be red if this is not valid.

Alternative email verification services

Like the site just mentioned, there are really many, all very similar in functionality and extremely comfortable to use. In order not to get bored with superfluous descriptions, we especially recommend: Verify Email Address , and Free Email Verifier .

However, we want to make an important note for Spokeo , an extremely interesting website that allows you to also know additional information from the reference email. If you want to find out additional information about someone, or why not understand what information is hidden behind your personal email, we recommend that you go to the official page of the site. Four different options will appear: Name , Email , Phone and Address ; I think it is not difficult to imagine which one to use to verify the email. This service is equally valid if you want to trace the name and address from a telephone number .

Check Gmail

If you are a Google user you will know very well how most emails now have as their domain . Obviously there is a method to specifically understand if an email belonging to Gmail is valid or not.

The method is very simple, more than verifying you have to think by subtraction. You must think that all emails connected to Gmail do not have any period in the initial part , that is, in the words or numbers that precede the words @ In the event that an email had a period then it would not be valid a priori.

Check Hotmail and Outlook

Maybe you have a few years on your shoulders like us and you have an Outlook or Hotmail email and you absolutely want to find out if it is valid or not. There are two paths you can follow: name and hyphen .

  • Name and surname: until a few years ago Outlook and Hotmail allowed registration only by entering name and surname. So if you have an email address from a few years ago it might be verified.
  • Hyphen: if there are underscores (_) in your email and not high dashes (-) then most likely it is valid. Outlook and Hotmail do not allow the use of the hyphen .

How to trace an email address: Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail

If you think you can easily trace an email address unfortunately this is not the case, you will have to work a little to get the desired result. The procedure, in fact, consists in trying with several attempts to trace the e-mail account of the user you are looking for.


In order not to get bored in an endless list of very similar writings you have to think logically and insert, in addition to the traditional domain, also terms that can refer to that person.

For example, you can write [email protected] or [email protected] . But the solutions are certainly not only these, you can opt for the date of birth with the personal data or the nickname that you are sure is used in most of the emails. Underscore (_) is also used a lot.

Here are some examples with my first and last name:

Outlook and Hotmail

For these two platforms, the matter becomes a bit more complicated since not only the and nomenclatures are added but also the much-hated dots between words.

So, when you need to search for an email, we recommend you try for example [email protected] (or .com), [email protected] (or .com). Obviously you can add personal data such as the date of birth or the reference nickname . For Hotmail and Live the speech is identical, just be careful not to forget the endings @ (or .com) and @ (or .com).

Here are some examples with my first and last name for Outlook (you can try both .it and .com):

You can try the same sequence with Hotmail and Live by inserting the symbols: Period (.) Or Underscore (_) between the name and surname .

Search for an email address on the Internet (Google, Facebook)

Have you ever searched the web for the name of your friend and his email appears in the middle of the page? This happens because Google and search engines in general, associate public profiles with a well-defined email that uniquely identifies the user.

To search for an email address on the Internet after a failed check with the sites we have proposed, you must necessarily rely on the giants of the web: Google and Facebook .

Open the main page of Google , and type the email you want to know everything about. In all likelihood, information will come out that will be useful in tracing the person you are looking for. If the search focuses on the most important companies then the verification will be instant as Google stores the official emails quickly and accurately.

Another solution is to search for an email associated with Facebook . It may seem obvious to you, but the Facebook search engine can search not only for your friends by profile name, but also by email. Log in to your Facebook profile and type the email into the search bar, you will find it on the home page in the top center or to the left if you are from a PC.

Obviously the solutions can also be more than one, therefore, consider carefully the one to select.

How to find IP address from an email

Not everyone knows that devices connected to the Internet can exchange data with the network thanks to the IP address provided by the network itself. By following this principle it is possible, albeit not immediately, to find the IP address from an email . Since each connection has a unique IP address you can find the IP of the sender’s mail server, be it Gmail or another platform.

The process takes some skill, but we’re here to make even the most challenging codes easy for you. Go to the received emails section and click on it with the right mouse button (or press it with your finger if you are on a smartphone) on what you want to check; then select Show original .

This will open a very long computer code but don’t be scared, you just have to search for the Received: from line . Here the sender’s address will magically appear; all you have to do is copy it and check its position through a dedicated site. We recommend the site


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