How to create HomeKit scene in the Home app

HomeKit scenes allow us to control several accessories simultaneously. A system with which to adjust our home for a movie session, for when we are going out or for the first thing in the morning. A system with which to bring out all the power of the Home app , and all with the touch of a single button.

A scene that we activate with a button or with Siri

We can understand Siri scenes as a collection of states from different HomeKit devices . The good night scene, for example, you can leave the hall light off, the heating set to a certain temperature, and pause playback on the HomeKit. With this in mind we will easily understand the process of creating a scene .

We will always create these scenes in the Home app on our iPhone, iPad or Mac. The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. We open the Homeapp on our iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  2. We touch the + button in the upper right.
  3. We chose Add atmosphere.
  4. We tap on Customize.
  5. We write the name of the environment.
  6. Clickon Add accessories .
  7. We select the accessories that we want to add.
  8. We press OK.
  9. We configure the different accessories, just as we want the state to put them.
  • We press OK.

We will see the new state appear in all the rooms in which there is an accessory controlled by that state, as well as under Favorite Environments in the Home tab . From now on, a single touch will allow all the accessories in the environment to change their status according to what we have configured.

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In addition, we can activate this scene through Siri, which makes it easier for us to use it on the HomePod or Apple Watch, for example. We can create as many states as we consider. Statuses for when we are going to leave home, for movie night, for morning, for work hours, etc. All of them will allow us to automate the management of our home in the simplest way.


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