Redmagic 7S Pro review: a valid gaming smartphone

Here is the test and full test of the Redmagic 7S Pro smartphone – a good gaming phone, but not the best. Redmagic 7S Pro test and review

Redmagic 7S Pro review

In the last few weeks I have had the chance to preview the brand new Redmagic 7S Pro gaming smartphone .

Since I love playing games on my phone, especially Call of Duty , I have put a lot of stress on this device and am finally ready to share all my thoughts on this monster of power.

Without getting lost in chatter, let’s start with the review , which obviously will be a little different from the usual, since this device is dedicated above all to those who love to play , not to “classic” users.


Redmagic 7S Pro is a great gaming phone , but not the best .

The performance is always at the top, but the software needs to be optimized / updated / improved and, above all, there are cheaper alternatives on the market that work better. Honestly, I was expecting some additional news compared to the previous model.


For more details and info, read the full review below.




The packaging is very rich , where we find:


  • smartphone
  • hard plastic cover
  • 65W charger
  • USB-C cable
  • film already applied to the display


In short, on the design and materials side this Redmagic 7S Pro is identical to the previous Redmagic 7 Pro .

The front is more or less classic, even if unlike many other smartphones here there is no hole for the front camera, hidden under the screen (more on that later).

What makes Redmagic 7S Pro original is the glass back , where we find a futuristic , modern , aggressive design, typical of gaming -oriented devices .

Also on the back we find 2 RGB LEDs that can be customized both in colors and in the type of pulsations.

Compared to the previous model, the central plastic shell is now colored with a military texture , whereas in the past it was simply gray.


Also in this case the cameras, unlike all other smartphones today, are perfectly set in the back cover and do not protrude . Miracle!

Excellent side metal frame , super robust and in which there are also the 2 dorsal triggers, essential for playing titles like Call of Duty and the like.

The smartphone is very well assembled , robust and beautiful to look at, but its dimensions are obviously generous: it cannot be used with one hand and it is uncomfortable to keep in your pocket, also due to its 235g weight.

It is still a gaming phone, so the dimensions must be generous to have a large screen available.


Here, too, no difference compared to the previous Redmagic 7 Pro.


In fact, therefore, playing on the Redmagic 7S Pro screen is truly fantastic for several reasons.

First of all there is no front camera hole , hidden under the display, so there are no hidden play areas or spaces. The bezels are quite thin and almost completely symmetrical to each other.

In addition, the (flat) screen is a FullHD + (1080 × 2400), AMOLED, 6.8-inch with 120Hz refresh rate (no LTPO). Support DC Dimming, 10-bit color depth, 100% DCI-P3 gamut. All this to say that the colors are well reproduced, the refresh rate is very fast and the viewing angles are excellent.

In case the colors are not to our liking, we can always modify and calibrate them in the Settings.

The sampling frequency of the touch then reaches 960Hz : it is a splinter when we play!

In short, we are dealing with a perfect screen for both gaming and watching movies, given its diagonal.


The only drawback is the maximum brightness, which stops at 600 nits, slightly lower than other smartphones (but it has never been a problem to use the smartphone outside, honestly the screen seems much brighter than 600 nits).


Here too, exactly like on Redmagic 7 Pro .

The only BIG difference between the two smartphones is represented by the fact that, on this new model, we find the SnapDragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor , which:

  • heats less (but it is not noticeable since this smartphone has a super cooling system)
  • it is faster and more powerful

In short, on this Redmagic 7S Pro we find the best hardware available today in the smartphone world , which obviously guarantees top performance in any situation and with any app or game.

The processor, as on the previous model, is assisted by a Red Core 1 processor that takes care of managing audio, RGB lights and haptic feedback, in order to lighten the load on the Snapdragon, which can concentrate on graphics and computing power.


Alongside them we find up to 18GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 512GB of non-expandable UFS 3.1 internal memory. As I said, here is the top of the hardware side.

As anticipated, to manage the heat generated by this very powerful engine we find a 10-layer cooling system called ICE 10.0 (active and passive). The most attentive will note that on this new model we therefore have an additional layer compared to the 9 that were on Redmagic 7 Pro .

In fact, this technology allows the smartphone to NEVER heat up, even when it is put under stress for long gaming sessions. The incredible thing is that the device heats very little even if the fan is turned off , proving that the 10-layer cooling system works great!

The fan , although silent, when it runs at maximum, however , is heard in the background during gaming sessions: it is not annoying, but you can hear it.

Also noteworthy is the presence of:

  • 2 “touch” dorsal triggers with a frequency of 520Hz, 8ms response time
  • bluetooth 5.2
  • WiFi 802.11g/g/n/ac/ax
  • USB-C
  • jack da 3.5mm
  • NFC
  • fingerprint sensor under the display, 7th generation, very fast and accurate, with the possibility of measuring beats
  • 2 stereo speakers and 3 microphones

Something is missing? Wireless charging and waterproof . We won’t be able to play in the tub.



Even the software remains the same as the previous model, with strengths and weaknesses.

Redmagic 7S Pro is launched on the market with Android 12 and customized with  Redmagic OS 5.5 , with patch of June 2022.

This is an interface that does not overturn the Android interface, but which still winks at gamers, with futuristic graphics and highly contrasted colors.

Among the additional functions we find:

  • the sidebar with a series of quick shortcuts
  • the heart rate sensor in the fingerprint reader
  • the ability to change the color of the rear LED lights


Then there is a specific menu for gamers  that allows you to quickly access the list of all the games installed on your smartphone.

From here you can manage the performance of individual games, for example by deciding how much power to deliver when starting the various titles or by modifying very precisely the sensitivity and / or the smoothness of the touch.

Once the game is started , we then have a menu accessible from the side that allows you to change the power settings on the fly and much more. For example, we will be able to configure the back buttons, add a viewfinder to the center of the screen, take notes on the fly or record gameplay.

Also from here we can then manage the plugins , which allow us to create macros to be used in specific games.


Then there are other useful functions such as:

  • Quick Picture Library, which allows you to capture screenshots and review them on the fly during the game (for example to have the game maps always available)
  • Quick Notes, for taking notes while playing
  • Game Reminder, to set important alarms during the game and not to forget anything
  • Barrage Message, to read notifications without interrupting game sessions

In short, it is clear that the smartphone provides us with everything we need to play without any problem. Not only the hardware, but also the software are optimized for those who love to play with the phone and nothing is left to chance.

Overall we are dealing with good software, which however lacks a little in the translations, often incorrect, incomplete or unclear. I would have appreciated some additional care from this point of view.

Here, on the software side, I address a complaint to the company: the proprietary interface has been unchanged for years, it must absolutely be updated and updated. In addition, translation errors and various bugs start to become really unbearable. It is not acceptable that on an 800 euro phone there are still these problems after so many years.

In addition, the company must guarantee faster updates regarding security patches and new versions of Android also for the future, otherwise you risk spending 800 euros for a phone that is not updated after a few months of purchase.



Even on the gaming side, nothing changes from the previous model, which was already super performing.

There is no need to go around it: playing with this smartphone is pure enjoyment. All, absolutely all the games run very smoothly, without jerks or lag, at the highest quality and detail.

The two touch back triggers that work at 520Hz are very useful : they are very fast in response and perfect in shooters and the like.

I was used to playing with a Black Shark 4 , equipped with physical triggers, but personally I have not noticed any deterioration using these touches. The response time , less than 8ms, is truly immediate. And being touch there is no risk of breaking them in the most excited moments.

It should be noted that the screen has a touch sampling rate at 960Hz: a splinter! You don’t have time to touch the display that the command has already been received. This is also a fundamental aspect in gaming, especially in shooters.

Also excellent for the vibration response (thanks to the X-axis motor ), well distributed throughout the smartphone and very “masculine” and strong. It returns fantastic feedback both during the most intense gaming sessions and while writing emails and messages.

During gaming sessions (but not only) we can turn on and customize the 2 rear RGB LEDs , which offer 16.8 million colors and 4096 levels of brightness. They can also be synchronized with the phone’s audio . A truly fantastic treat, which hardcore gamers will surely appreciate.


Again, same camera compartment compared to the previous model.

Specifically we have:

  • 64MP wide S5KGW3 main camera, F1.79 aperture, 82 °, 0.7um, 1 / 1.97 ″ sensor
  • HI846 ultra-wide 8MP secondary camera, F2.2 aperture, 120 °, 1.12 um, 1/4 ″ sensor
  • third macro camera OV02A10 from 2MP, aperture F2.4, 78 °, 1.75 um, 1/5 ″ sensor

Optical stabilization is still missing.

I repeat what has already been said for the previous model.

It is a very simple system that guarantees more than enough shots with good light and only enough with less light.

As already mentioned, however, you do not buy this smartphone to take pictures and overall this is certainly the least cared for sector on this device.

Frontally , hidden under the screen , we have a 16MP camera with F2.0 aperture and 83 ° angle, which shoots videos at 1080P 30fps.

Again, great idea, great design, but the photos taken by this camera are of low quality. Unfortunately, in all the shots there is a sort of patina or veil covering the lens , a sign of the fact that the company has not been able to make the screen above the sensor really transparent.

Finally, the videos are recorded up to 8K at 30fps, but in this case we have to give up stabilization.


Again, no difference from the previous model.

The audio sector remains truly excellent , compatible with DTS X Ultra Surround technology. The stereo speakers sound very loud, especially with regard to highs and mids and in general have a very high sound pressure.

Instead, the bass should be reviewed , or at least their calibration: even in this case, in Call of Duty I often struggled to hear the footsteps of the enemies, while with the Black Shark this did not happen.

The arrangement of the speakers is very good : while we play we do not risk covering them with our hands.

No problem with regards to audio in calls . Reception is also very good. We can also use Redmagic 7S Pro to call, between game sessions.


Redmagic 7S Pro features a 5000mAh dual cell battery and supports FAST fast charging at 65W . It doesn’t have wireless charging, but you don’t miss it on a gaming smartphone.

Unfortunately, in this new model the charging entrance has not been moved compared to the past and we do not find it on the long side, so as not to hinder during gaming sessions. Pity.

Talking about the autonomy of a gaming smartphone is really difficult, since it all depends on how much time you spend playing.

Based on my tests, however, I can say that using it as a “normal” smartphone you get to the end of the day with a full charge without problems, even playing 1 hour a day.

Without gaming, the smartphone can easily do 6.5 hours of screen on per day.


The  price  of  Red Magic 7S Pro  starts from 779 €; However, various versions are available based on the memory size chosen:

  • Obsidian version – 12/256 GB for  € 779(THE VERSION I TRIED)
  • versione Mercury – 18/512 GB a 949€
  • Supernova version – 18/512 GB for  € 949

The new smartphone of Nubia’s partner brand  will be available in  the Early Bird offer  from 2 to 8 August;  the actual sales will start from 9 August, both on  the official store  and on  Amazon .

There are also  accessories  to be purchased separately:

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector – 14,90€
  • Gray Turbo Cooler – 43,90€
  • Transparent Turbo Cooler – 46,90€
  • New Protective Case – 19,90€


In short, at the end of this review, what do I think of Redmagic 7S Pro? Does it make sense to buy it or not?

From my point of view, it doesn’t make much sense to buy this Redmagic 7S Pro today . The basic version costs 800 euros, but almost nothing changes compared to the past .

We might as well buy the previous model , perhaps on the second-hand market , which costs much less and works in an almost identical way.

As already mentioned, apart from the processor, practically nothing changes compared to the “old” Redmagic 7 Pro and, above all, all the problems and limitations of the previous model still remain.

I would have expected some additional improvement , some more effort from the company, but it didn’t happen.

Warning : I am not saying that Redmagic 7S Pro is not good, quite the opposite.

It is undeniable that Redmagic 7S Pro is an EXCELLENT gaming phone , able to offer top performance and truly absurd, but at the same time you have to deal with the competition , very fierce and able to offer equally valid products at lower prices. low, or better even if at higher prices.

Surely Redmagic 7S Pro is one of the best gaming smartphones on the market today , but if you are looking for a phone to play with, before completing the purchase I suggest you read our guide , where you will find all the best gaming smartphones :

  • The Best Phones to Play – Android and iOS – 2022

In short, if you buy Redmagic 7S Pro you certainly do not regret the purchase and you can have fun to the fullest with all your favorite games, but before buying it carefully evaluate the offers of competitors.


  • Power to sell
  • Side triggers
  • World-class gaming
  • LEG RGB and fan
  • It never gets hot
  • Jack audio
  • Lots of software features to play
  • New SnapDragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor


  • Software translations to be reviewed
  • Still low quality cameras
  • No wireless charging and no waterproof
  • Charging port not very comfortable
  • Almost identical to the previous model, with the same limitations and problem


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