Fix;’This coupon is not valid’ appear on OrdersNow

Who among us has wanted to eat a pizza, hamburger or chicken while at home but we don’t feel like going out to buy them? At those times we remember that we have food delivery services.

Why Does ‘This Code Is Not Valid’ Appear On Already Orders? – Here the Answer

And it is that we all live with tight schedules in addition to the stress to which we are exposed every day has made it possible for this business of food delivery at home to increase. But the delivery of food at home is not recent because since the 80s these services already existed in order to request meals from the comfort of our home.

This type of service allows users to have the services or products offered by a company regardless of where the customer is and without the need for the customer to move.

Many prefer this service for the efficiency it provides to users, as well as the quality and speed of its various platforms and applications. You can find many of these options in the market to place your orders from Rappi, Deliveroo, Glovo, Uber Eats, Sushifresh and Orders Now.

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  1. What is Order Now?
  2. Why sometimes when I enter my order in the Orders application, this code is not valid?
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  3. What is the correct way to use the coupons on OrdersNow?
  4. What happens if my code doesn’t work in OrdersNow?
  5. Why can the App tell me that my coupon is invalid?

What is Order Now?

Orders Already is a company formed by Ariel Burschtin, Ruben Sosenke and Álvaro García in 2009 with a project idea presented during their university studies in Uruguay. This innovative idea of ​​requesting services through online orders through a platform where people with great knowledge in the gastronomy area such as restaurants were integrated.

Until today, Orders is already one of the most consolidated companies in the Delivery service in all of Latin America. Likewise, Orders already offers its users discounts and coupons with the purpose of offering their followers promotions and discounts.

Orders already also has its own application to place your orders quickly and in this way from the company to keep track of each of the orders and qualify them through the technology of the app.

You can download this application regardless of the browser , either from Google Play or the App Store, you just have to search for it and download it to your phone or smart device; already downloaded you can enter the map to see your options.

Then in Orders Now in your application the list of restaurants you want, choose and examine the main menu and choose the one you like the most, evaluate the cost and then you just have to choose how you are going to turn off, that easy.

Your payments can be made either with a credit or debit card for your convenience, once the order has been placed, the delivery person as well as the restaurant receives an order notification which withdraws it and takes the order.

However, on some occasions it usually happens that at the time of sending the order using the application it may present certain failures that can be solved quickly. Or it may be that the moment you want to place your order using one of the discounts or coupons it does not give you the option to accept but a message appears that the code is incorrect or invalid, what to do at that time?

Why sometimes when I enter my order in the Orders application, this code is not valid?

It may happen that when you want to enter your order with a discount or promotion code you will see this message that the code you entered is not the valid one, do not worry I will show you how to solve it.

Step 1

When entering  Orders Now and already chosen which food you are going to order and which restaurant you must verify how the coupon and its code are written in order to enter it later.

Step 2

Once you have verified how the code is written, you should not forget to also check its expiration date or if the coupon is to be used only once or several times and for how long.

Step 3

Now enter the code with their respective capital letters or numbers taking into account the spaces between them and check in the My coupons option if the code is active or not .

What is the correct way to use the coupons on OrdersNow?

The first thing you should do is log into the OrdersYa application. Once you have logged in, click on the three horizontal lines located above and to the left.

The ‘My coupons’ section will appear, click on that option. Provide the address information, in case you have to, and finally the coupon option will be displayed. Click on the bottom, where it says ‘Add coupon’ . Here you must enter the coupon code exactly, and finally click on Add coupon again.

What happens if my code doesn’t work in OrdersNow?

If you have entered the code correctly and it does not work, it is best to contact the OrdersYa service center directly. On the other hand, we recommend that you verify the most common causes for which the message that the code is invalid appears.

Why can the App tell me that my coupon is invalid?

Undoubtedly, the coupons of OrdersYa are very striking, but many times errors can arise or that the platform tells us that we have placed an invalid coupon . Given this, let’s analyze the main causes why the coupon appears to be invalid.

  • It is expired:the coupons have a validity time, if that time has passed, you will not be able to use them.
  • It is misspelled:you must write the coupon code correctly, otherwise the platform will indicate that the coupon is invalid.
  • You’ve already used it:in most cases coupons can be used only once for each user. If you have already used a coupon, you will not be able to use it again.
  • The coupon is not valid in your area –many coupons are geared towards specific geographic areas. In other words, if you try to use a coupon from another place, the platform will most likely show it to you as an invalid coupon.
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