How to verify that your Covid Certificate is valid

The PDF of your Covid Certificate should not give reading problems, but it never hurts to verify that it is valid, especially if you downloaded a screenshot to your mobile or installed it in Google Pay , for example. And there is a very simple way to verify that the Certificate works correctly: with a security app on the phone . We show you the process.

The Covid Certificate is a quick and easy way to show that you already have the vaccine, that you have a negative coronavirus test or that you have already passed the disease. Ordering it is very simple, also download the PDF on the phone. The most advisable thing is to always have it printed and download it to your mobile, the fewer options you have to lose it, the better . If you want to make sure it works there is a way too.

Use the official checkout apps

Covid Certificate in Google Pay

Given that the Covid Certificate is of European scope, and that several of the governments of the Union have official apps to check the authenticity of the QR codes inserted in the documents , it is enough to use these applications to make sure that your Certificate is correct, it has been validated and, not least, you will verify that the printing has not made the QR unreadable, for example (or that it continues to be read despite the folded paper).


How to install the Covid Certificate in Google Pay and Apple Pay to always have it available

There are two applications that perfectly serve the task: Covid Certificate Check , from the Swiss Confederation, and Verifica19 , from the Italian Ministry of Health. The two maintain a similar operation: after pointing at the QR code, they will show on the phone screen if the Covid Certificate is valid and who it belongs to ; in addition to other information, such as name and date of birth.

To verify that your Covid Certificate works as it should do the following:

  • Install a verification app on your Android. For the test we will use the Swiss Covid Certificate Check.
  • Open the application and click on the “Verify” button.
  • Accept the permission to access the camera so that the app can read the QR of your Covid Certificate.
  • Point the camera at the QR code.
  • If your Certificate is correct and valid, a green checkwill appear .
  • In the event that the QR does not work, an “Invalid code” will appear at the top of the screen.
  • A third option is that your Certificate works correctly but your state does not accept it by the Swiss Confederation (that you only have half of the vaccination schedule, for example).

Left, Covid Certificate not working; center and right, valid certificate

The applications to check the Covid Certificate are safe, are developed by governments, do not include advertising and can work without an Internet connection .

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