How to change YouTube account password

n this article we will see how to change the password of our YouTube account . YouTube has become a very giant application and used by millions of users around the world, ensuring its position among social networks as the most used, with more hours of content and more content creators.

An account or channel on YouTube allows us to upload videos, enables comments, likes and others, helps suggest better content and that you like, etc. Having this brief introduction, we are going to see how to modify our password in Google.

And it is quite important to take care of the security of our accounts and YouTube , which is not an exception, since with this tool we can find, through a tutorial, the solution of any problem that arises in our daily lives as well as play videos musicals and even use a YouTube video or music as an alarm on our Android mobile.

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  1. Is the YouTube account the same as the Google account?
  2. Why is it important to change or reset the password?
  3. Procedure to change password on YouTube account
    1. From my Google account
  4. I forgot the password – How to recover it and enter my account or channel
  5. How can we create our own Gmail account?
  6. Importance of a personal account on YouTube?
  7. What are the most common mistakes on YouTube?

Is the YouTube account the same as the Google account?

Indeed, when creating a Google account, we have access to all the services it offers, including YouTube . However, if we do not have a Google account, we will not be able to start YouTube.

It should be noted that when we register for the first time on YouTube, when we log in with our Google account and navigate, we will have the account that we previously started on YouTube directly open, so there is no need to log in again .

Why is it important to change or reset the password?

In the specific case of YouTube, its importance lies in the other services that make use of the Google account . If hacked we would have compromised all our Gmail emails, Chrome history, Google Photos photos and our YouTube user or channel. This without counting the other services in which we have entered with our Google account.

As we can see, there is a certain disadvantage in centralizing all our services in one account, despite having an undeniable practicality. To get to an intermediate point and be comfortable and protected, we will tell you some tips to generate a more complex password to hack .

  • Make passwords with different elements: The first alternative we have to basic passwords is to make use of letters, numbers and characters. This increases the level of protection for a password, as it becomes a more extravagant one for password-hacking programs. An extra would be to use words that do not exist, so they cannot detect them.
  • Insert our name and identification: By this we mean to use the identity document of our preference, to insert its number between the letters of our name.

Procedure to change password on YouTube account

In this process the change will be made from the Google account . To do it quickly, we must have the current password at hand and have another secure one for the change. Keeping these two things in mind, we will tell you how to change YouTube password.

From my Google account

As we spoke before, YouTube is managed with the Google account, so the password that we have to change is the Google one. In these brief steps we can have our new password.

  • We enter our Google account and go to ‘security’ which is on the right side of the screen.
  • Once there, we find where it says ‘Sign in to Google’ that below will have some boxes that tell us the last time we changed it and ‘password’
  • We proceed to log in with our password until that moment, then having the opportunity to change the password.
  • Ready, this is all we have to do to change the password, you will probably have to start from 0 on all your devices.

I forgot the password – How to recover it and enter my account or channel

In the event that you cannot enter your Google account because you forgot your password. The steps to follow cannot be the same, so we need to have our telephone number and the security account that we have chosen at hand . With all this, we can start recovering our password.

  • We enter as if we were going to start a normal session but after entering the email, we entered ‘Have you forgotten your password?’
  • Depending on the security settings we have, they can ask us to confirm the change with an email or our phone. In case if we have to use it, we will have to follow the instructions they give us, generally being to dial a number that is on the computer screen.
  • After these steps, we can change our password without any problem, with which we will later enter our Google account and YouTube channel.

How can we create our own Gmail account?

Having a Gmail account is very useful these days , for example if you use a Smartphone with an Android operating system you can link your phone with multiple Google applications that will be very useful and that we can make the most of such as Google Maps or YouTube.

To create your Gmail account, you just have to enter the search engine and go to the Google account creation page followed by this, what we must do is follow the steps and that’s it we will get our Gmail account with which we can access our email in addition to being automatically in links with our YouTube account.

Importance of a personal account on YouTube?

It is not mandatory that you must have a Gmail account to enjoy the YouTube platform, but by not having it, you miss out on enjoying this platform in its entirety, when you create your Gmail account, it automatically links to your YouTube account   and in this way you also create your own YouTube channel and you can even create another YouTube channel with the same Gmail account .

By having your own channel, you will be able to upload your own videos and in this way other YouTube users will be able to enjoy them, and you will also be able to follow other users and even interact with them by liking their videos or commenting on them.

The YouTube platform allows users to have access to various topics of interest such as news, TV shows, tutorials, music videos, documentaries, among others. Users who want to fully enjoy this tool, we recommend creating their YouTube account.

What are the most common mistakes on YouTube?

As we already know, the YouTube platform is freely accessible to everyone and people of different ages so if we want to upload a video to our channel we must take this detail into account and in this way the platform will not delete our account and we can keep enjoying it.

If we want to share a video on the platform we must make sure that it does not have any type of violence , physical or verbal, mistreating animals or sexual content. The platform allows us to block people or channels on YouTube when we observe inappropriate content in their videos.

To obtain a successful channel that reaches more people every day, we only have to share good topics of interest that are to the liking of people of all ages and in this way our channel will grow little by little, and if we do it well, the platform will also help us. will reward monetarily.

In addition to having good content, it is important that the videos we want to share have good audio visual quality , but don’t worry, over time it will improve.

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